Is this guy THAT naive?
John Trapp

A few points, because I’m bored and why the hell not.

Yes, Democrats were historically the party with the racists. Then the Southern Strategy happened, or whatever it is you want to call it. Basically the white supremacists abandoned the Democratic party in favor of the party with conservative social values. Here’s any easy game: how many white supremacist groups have supported Trump? How many have supported Hillary?

Where are you getting that “tens of millions” figure? I actually want to know, because I’m willing to accept that I’m wrong. However, the evidence I have indicates that Hillary wouldn’t let in one million Syrian refugees if the FBI signed off on every one.

I think you overestimate just how many Muslims are willing to commit terrorist attacks. There are already 3.3 million Muslims in the US. 1.6 billion worldwide. In the past 33 years, there have been 12 terrorist attacks by Muslims on US soil. Of those 12, only 5 were severe enough to be considered “mass murders” (4 or more fatalities). In two cases, either no one or only the attackers were killed. By comparison, there were 20 school shootings in 2015 alone. One has to think that if the Muslim community cared so much about this that they’d be trying a bit harder.

Mr. Takei wasn’t the one who compared modern day Muslims to the Japanese during WWII. Trump’s surrogate already did that. That is to say, the guy who represents Trump believes that today's Muslims pose the same risk as Japanese immigrants and their families did back then.

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