A List Poem

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Bikinis and trunks
Skirts and trousers

Books and devices
Papers and scribbles

Food and drinks
Music and games

As the wind blew,
with the palms dancing along

All he wanted,
was to be alone.

A Poem

Photo by Simon Robben from Pexels

When night falls,
you should be happy.
You should be happy
because you,
will have a dream.

And when day breaks,
you should be smiling.
You should be smiling
because dreams,
come true by day.

By day,
when you are awake
from all the pleasures
of your rosy dreams
and off to take on the toil

to turn the night
into daylight.

a Lanterne poem

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Spares no one
All the wanted

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

I have been a leaf,
a spineless leaf
who jumps, at
every word of the wind.

I have grown in size,
grown like a mighty sea
yet like the tides,
I swim at the sound
of every ‘quest.

But I am a being,
a human being
who should know
that ‘No’,
is also a response.

Ogaga Eruteya 2019

Is all I see around

Photo by Tiselena on Pixabay

I looked out of my window
I saw the lad they talked about
He could dance on a thread
I could hardly stand on a rope
So I told the lad what she said
He didn’t hesitate.

I ambled down the street
I saw the man they talked about
He was covered with gray hair
and wrinkles were etched on his face,

but I possessed none of these.
So I told the man what she said
He heaved a deep sigh.

I stood along the alley
and I saw the lady they spoke about

She sang like a nightingale


Ogaga Eruteya

I write inspirational, motivational, reality and christian poetry. Learn more about me and what i write at www.FaithAndLiving.com

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