September 2, 2050, 4 Days After the Outage

“Gas stations are overrun. Completely overwhelmed,” the police chief’s voice crackled over the radio. “We didn’t know who else to call.”

John sighed, “Alright, I can try to help.”

He grabbed his flashlight and stood up, on his way to try and assess damage of a widespread power outage that had hit the city of Atlanta. As far as he knew, there had been no progress in getting the grid back up. In what he had been able to pick up over radio transmissions, someone had hacked their electric grid. Cell phone…

Take Algorithms Out of Sentencing

Risk assessment algorithms used in the criminal justice system, in other words, algorithms which assess a defendant’s likelihood to do a number of things, such as reoffend or appear in court, have become an important factor in many judges’ decisions. While these algorithms are primarily used in matters of pre-trial release decisions, they have also begun to be used in more sentencing matters across the country. While these algorithms can be useful in determining a person’s likelihood to appear in court, in matters of sentencing, they are likely to produce biased results, increasing the criminal…

Eleanor Vidmar

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