Being a student myself, especially at the university level, I find myself in a constant need for snapping photographs of notes or answers on a whiteboard or on pieces of foolscap paper.

My qualms about this practice is with the quality of that snapped picture when I am referring to them later. Yes, they might be readable but they always come out sub-par, or even washed out in comparison when we stare at the original copies in reality. Virtual snapshots of things we see should remain as accurate and clear as how we see in reality, so this struck me as an issue that annoys me. Because of that, I have found myself opting to photocopy the notes instead, which has a much higher clarity.

However, I would not be writing this post if I have not found a solution. Office Lens by Microsoft aims to change all of that, because how the app works is amazing, simply life-changing.

This app helps you take snaps of your notes and its post-processing on the snaps effectively increases the clarity by several magnitudes. Its difference is phenomenal, I can totally vouch for that. Besides, it can adjusts its settings based on where that content is being displayed, either on a photo, document or whiteboard. Once you taken that picture, you can even make it into a PDF or mail it directly.

Microsoft’s mobile apps, particularly on the iPhone, which I found myself trying them out with much excitement everytime there is a new one, are not only super-helpful but also are how apps should be made on mobile.They are fast, intuitive and uncluttered. They reflect the company’s new Mobile and Cloud First approach with their new CEO, Satya Nadella.

So, once again, please give a try with Office Lens. Students will love this !

(Top:Normal Camera Bottom : Office Lens app)

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