The Quintessential of a Modern Tech Geek ( My Top 5 List)

As much as we, the 21st century hooligans like to stand out from the crowd, it would be shocking to find that almost all of us are bounded within the same set of activities. What I mean here is not that we work at the same place or eat the same food, but yes we generally look at smartphones or smart devices everyday. You would easily find people browsing their Facebooks, Instagrams and a whole bunch of chat apps. So, the question would be, how to stand out from the crowd and up that hip factor in you? I am well aware how these stuff might not appear to be cool to all quarters, but hopefully some of you.

Backblaze and Cloud Services

Having a backup is often put-off by many people in this digital age. Of course, computers have grown to be quite decent in terms of reliability. Generally, files would be accessible most of the times. However, if you are the kind of person who has a hint of OCD’ism in yourself, who feels the need to make sure everything is bulletproof to viruses, data loss etc, then you will find Backblaze to be the game changer for you.

Backblaze is a simple software, which helps you backup everything, I repeat EVERYTHING to the cloud. I have done a presentation in an English Public Speaking class before, which I went to great length to spread the importance of backing up. So back to Backblaze, for a small fee per month, all your data can be automatically backed up and maintain accessible from anywhere with the Internet. There is no worry if that hard disk you used for backup fails or even touchwood, your computer burns up, crashed or there was a burglary.

Backblaze is unlimited, meaning endless space for you to backup. It is unthrottled, meaning your files are backed up in a jiffy.

However, if you are looking for something to handle small files you are working on at a specific period of time, then you would be hard pressed to not try Google Drive. I have experimented with Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Box and Skydrive too, but most of them just do not have the speed, reliability, accessibility and productivity of Google Drive. Not only access the files, which Google has provided ample storage space for, also you can freely edit them on-the-go.


I love the whole idea of Lynda. Basically, you sign up for Lynda and you can start browsing through thousands of professionally-produced videos by experts in all fields regarding almost any matter. You can literally learn everything about photography or building your own computer step by step, with each step having its own videos.

The benefit of Lynda over Youtube searches is the quality of the videos and its industry-leading categorizations. You will find it motivating to feed through them day by day. In the end, you would have comprehensively acquire a new skill.


This to me, is a super-duper awesome site for you to start creating your own website. Yeap, who cares if you dont know html or javascript or anything. This site promises drag-and-drop style of creating website, and even has a built-in online ordering system, which you can build for your website. Their templates are really cool and constantly updated. Best of all, you can have a go at it because there is a free trial, no credit card required.

Of all the 5 things, I cant help but to be blown away by Squarespace. Super good stuff by very good people. This is the ultimate tool for anyone to create really good websites for whichever purposes that arise.

Code Academy

I have not had the time to try out much of its courses but as its name implies, Code Academy is the best way for you to learn programming. In this age, programming can not only be a source of income, but even have a significant impact on that resumé of yours.

You can learn almost any languages, and their tools are very attractive and exuberating. Parents should invite their children to try out and start young. It is a fact that programming is part of the fundamentals of any urban homosapiens.

Need by Matt Alexander

This last one is one I find very interesting due to its function in the “Keep it Cool and Hip” society. Need is a curated shopping list for men, which is delivered by monthly volumes. If you want to stand out, this is the cool and swag way to do it. I find any form of collection of a particular category of items in need of curation. With so many choices, what matters is what are the best among the rest. Curation is the new sexy. The items you find here are mostly from the United States, so get your credit cards ready or Paypal to have them ship from the States. Or if you don’t trust the whole international shipping and would be horrified to deal with its shenanigans, then you can simply browse the site for inspiration.

That’s a wrap up on my top 5. So go ahead and give them a try.

I will be back with more for you soon! Stay tuned.

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