The Sharing Economy: Dictionary of Commonly Used Terms
Rachel Botsman

Interesting article Rachel. what would be interesting is to understand how sometimes these umbrella terms/concept interconnect with each other, as the boundaries sometimes are not clear.

Your definition of the circular economy for instance has a strong focus on material flows but neglects the business model innovation aspects that are however often included in the concept definition: Ellen mcarthur foundation and mckinsey, when describing Circular Economy, includes the ‘performance economy ‘(stahel, 2010) approach as a sub model of Circular economy (what you call here ‘access economy’).

Lacy (2015), in his recent Waste to weatlh book, also considers “product as a service” (PSS or servicizing or access economy or performance economy) a submodel of CE, while also highlighting “sharing platforms” as another subgenre of circular business models… It is obvious that these concepts are interrelated, but there is still a clear lack of cohesion. Have you had the opportunity to talk with other authors about this issue? how could be visualize the boundaries of these concepts? Thanks, Erwan.