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Hassle-free publication, communication and collaboration

It doesn’t sound logical, but open source software is quite unattainable. At least, if you do not possess technical knowledge. The startup offers a definite solution for this problem and makes the best open source tools available for everyone. With just a press on the button.

No complicated mess with installations, backups and updates, this Dutch / Greek company makes publication, communication and collaboration easy as pie. does all the difficult work, so the user can concentrate on the core issues with the simplicity of a mouse click: telling stories, building communities and working together. makes the use of open source software like Ghost (blog), Discourse (forum) and Hackpad (wiki) easy, reliable and safe.

Internet stands for democratization of everything. Knowledge and tools that were restricted to the happy few until recently, have become available for the masses in the last couple of decades. fits within this trend. Users that lack knowledge or are looking for convenience can start without any hassle. For everyone who values privacy and safety and wants to control of his software and data, important core values of open source, we now have is an initiative of Erwin Blom (Fast Moving Targets), Mark Pors (former WatchMouse) and Dimi Balaouras (former WatchMouse), a trio with decades of experience regarding media, open source and software development. The service offers ‘software as a service’: the user can start at 15 euro every month for every tool. But of course there is a free trial for all apps.

Erwin Blom (CEO “The foundation of is build on personal frustration. I love good software and open source, once I was responsible for the open source funnel of MMBAse at the VPRO broadcasting network, but I’m not a technical person. That frustrates me. Thanks to I can simply start a blog or forum with full control. I’m the prototypical user of We have decided to start with Ghost, Discourse and Hackpad because we know from experience that they make our lives more fun, better and easier.” the tools will start with 3 software solutions, but is already working on a growing selection of quality tool that will help with publishing, communicating and collaboration. For almost any example of closed software an open source example of similar quality exists. At the start offers the following products:

Ghost. Make sure your stories are heard with the help of Ghost, a tool that will make telling stories easy. Ideal for attractive blogs and magazines. 1.4 million sites are already using it.

Discourse. Make better decisions thanks to Discourse, a modern forum. Collect feedback and ideas, build a community. Over 1.000 communities already run on Discourse.

Hackpad. Work more efficient with Hackpad, created for collaboration on writing, to-do lists and projects. Hackpad has been used for millions of documents by companies as AirBnB and Stripe.

Erwin Blom (CEO “Hackpad is a great example of the power open source provides. Dropbox purchased Hackpad and placed the team on their own Paper software. If Hackpad would not have been open source the software would be dead now. With Stek we will invest time and energy in a bright future for Hackpad. Not only can we profit from open source, we will also give back.

● The user of only requires one login for all current and future software. is working on the layout and ease of use regarding the administrative environment which will allow the user to see the latest activity of all apps at a glance, in the near future.

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