Weekends, a millennial page of regret

It’s Friday night, we have worked our asses off and deep down we are feeling happy as Saturday is on the verge. We call some friends and decide to hang out for a chit chat. Next day, it turns out to be a house party. We got drinks and loud music. The roaring cheers and the moving legs made the atmosphere fill with joy.

We are drinking and the drinks started to dull our neurological response, leading to a feeling of bliss in us. We start to think, yes this is the best way of life, work hard and party even harder. Everyone is in his own shell of comfort and the only thing on the table to talk about is office bashing or sexy girls. Party has got all sort of heaven stimulating ingredients. Weed, hash, beer, scotch, you name it.

After a while some are lying immovable at some corners, some still staying strong and taking puffs of weed, explaining the superiority of weed over all other stuffs and how it should be legalized. Few are hanging their heads in the toilet, getting out the expensive food they had during the day in some five-star restaurant.

The night passed, some left and some just stayed put where they were. The day started late, and no one had the energy to get up and so the bed helped them up. The day went futile and the feeling of regret started to creep inside. Saturday and Sunday went unnoticed and Monday just knocked. Till we could realize, the time that we had thought to rest and do something valuable after the regular office work, just vanished.

This is the story of every weekend or any gathering of friends. We don’t talk about things that shape our life or discuss the things we normally talk to yourself when we are sitting behind our desks in the office. This has become the reality of working young generation who are enjoying the independence but fails to give a meaningful experience and in result develops loneliness, depression, and loss of life purpose.

We then plan to go to some mountain or run away to some distant place to fill the void we have generated because of our lifestyle. We leave for a place to find serenity with friends on some long weekend. The trip starts will rolling the joints and ends with time lapse and we find ourself experiencing the same thing yet again.

This is the reality of 21st century life of young generation. No matter what, this idea of fun has to be dropped and replaced with some meaningful and satisfying habits otherwise the next generation will become even more hollow than we are becoming. It’s our responsibility to shape our life in a way that can give us a peaceful and yet energetic experience. Chemical dependency for fun has to be discarded with strong will power and the real conversation has to be brought into the picture with friends and families. It’s hard yet necessary for the solution of the problems that we as a millennial are experiencing.

Just say no to all form of the substance that simulates short term joy for a longer life filled with health and satisfaction.

A Millennial