Erwin Fiebig | Why Digital Marketing is important?

The web is in a constant growth, with more and more people are connecting every day. The public access the internet looking for information about products, services or locations, answers for their questions, for business contacts, available jobs, and much more! Since cell phones and tablets can connect to the internet, it has become impossible to escape consumers as they have access to information any time and place.

Erwin Fiebig believes that this instant and the easy form to receive information is what make the digital marketing so imperative. Gone are the days when all people know about your company, products or services came from you and involved only what you wanted them to know. Now the consumer look for reviews of other clients, employees and competitors, complaints specially, and any trace of a bad image they can find can cut the communication with your brand right there.

Companies need to understand that the consumer want brands they can trust, companies that comprehend them and a communication personalized and significant. Erwin Fiebig says that the success of many small business that create a name for themselves online and have the total of their work is in the web is the personalized communication and the concern of always having in mind who the client is and what he wants.

Erwin Fiebig bring some other motives for why you need the digital marketing strategies:

1. You have no strategic goals online. You need to know what you look for before start searching for it, making it clear what you want to achieve online, if that is gaining new customers or building deeper relationships with existing ones. It can be both, but it needs to be defined. Your company needs to know where to put the resources according to Erwin Fiebig

2. You need to understand your online marketplace, since the dynamics are different from other Medias. You also need to devote enough resources to digital marketing, even if you only want to maintain the client you already have. Remember, the internet, especially the social media, have opened many opportunities and showcased different options for any kind of product or services.

3. You need to know your customers as well as have a powerful online value proposition. Engage with your public, respond their questions, help resolve their problems, this will make them see how much you care and will encourage existing and new customers to stay loyal.

4. You’re not integrated. You need to use every media to actually be considered as a integrated company. To Erwin Fiebig digital media works better when integrated with traditional media and response channels.