The opening of Huobi Ecological Zone sees Launch of KCash

The rapid growth of the digital world is seen as the smart form of democracy that the world has ever known. There is no debate that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have shifted power to the human beings from central and big institutions. More people are adopting cryptocurrencies, but convenience and security have been the threat.

However, Kcash, which is a digital wallet that facilitates transaction and consumption of digital money in the real world, has come to resolve the security challenge and inconvenience in managing different types of cryptocurrency.

Kcash has provided a standard infrastructure for the development of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to promote the growth of the crypto sphere. As part of its goals, Kcash seeks to offer the public with a swift, secured, and efficient crypto asset management tool. We are thrilled to tell you about the great opportunity ahead of you. On 16th of July 2018, KCASH will be listed with trading in KCASH/HT pair beginning at 1600hrs (+8 UTC), you cannot afford to miss it.

How will KCash help the digital asset marketplace?

The digital asset market is rapidly growing as well as the urge for a perfect solution to security, management, and storage of cryptocurrency, which has been a most significant challenge to users.

The arrival of Kcash digital wallet into the digital asset marketplace is to transform the market, provide security and conveniences that the market need.

In the blockchain world, Kcash digital wallet is positioned as a digital bank and the first multi-chain digital currency wallet that enable users to manage the best types of digital assets in the world. With the acceptance of Kcash to the marketplace, the gap between the real world and cryptocurrency will be bridged.

How will it add value to digital asset investors?

Kcash digital wallet is here to help the investors in the crypto marketplace who have been under the threat of insufficient security. It seeks to enhance investors worldwide to transact conveniently with their digital asset at any convenient time and anywhere.

Moreover, as the first cross-chain and multi-chain digital currency wallet in China, Kcash is here to introduce a rich blockchain technology and an advanced cryptocurrency experience to investors. Its wallet system is efficient for digital asset management service and rich, diversified, and personalized financial value-adding service for millions of users in the blockchain industry worldwide.

However, the major problems that Kcash digital wallet came to solve are excellent. It has come with an all-in-one solution for the crypto industry, starting from security to convenience.

The 2 Major Technical Features and Innovations of Kcash

1. Zero-Knowledge Proof

With Zero-knowledge proof, Kcash successfully achieved its cross-contact and cross-chain technology. What it means by zero-knowledge is that there is no need of providing relevant information to the verifier since the certifier can convince the verifier that one theory is correct.

2. Ring Topology Hub Technology

With this technology, it is easy to connect multiple links to a hub. The ring topology hub technology enhanced digital asset terminal to achieve a single key cross-chain. The benefit of the ring is that; the resources consumption of the topological structure is smaller than the star type and tree type. If the distance is close and the node is small, it might not be obvious; however, the benefit of the loop network will be obvious if the multiple nodes and long distance appear.

What Huobi Ecological Zone is and how its Fund is helping KCash

Houbi is a world-leading international multi-language cryptocurrency trading exchange, and platform with the headquarter in Singapore. In 2018, it established a funding system with the aim to invest in best companies in the blockchain space and form a partnership to make the ecosystem a stronger and healthier one, which Kcash is a living testimony of the ecological zone where Huobi is an early investor and by listing it, it is how KCash stand to benefit.

Having HT as its core, the fund has invested in over 20 well-performing blockchain enterprises, as well as information platforms, trading platforms, wallets, incubators, mining, asset management institution and many other types of business. However, you can also join the moving train and benefit from the positive synergies with other best companies.




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