Avoiding some common mistakes to help you get over the anxiety of teaching online

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“We can’t hear you, sir!”

Those were the first few words I heard from little speaker sitting right beside my computer screen when I started my online class. I immediately panicked. I checked my settings on the computer. I unplugged my earphones and plugged them back. Then I asked back, “Can you hear me now?” Nothing. Few seconds, and a voice came booming from my speaker.

“Sir, I think you’re on mute!”

That was when I realized I made the first mistake in doing online classes. Always check if you’re audio is good.

For seven weeks now, I’ve been holding online classes through Google Meet, and building my content on a separate learning management system called Canvas. All my lessons are digital. And the delivery is via the Internet. So, having a stable Internet, a decent computer, a mic, and some lighting are just some of the basic equipment needed. …


Erwin Lemuel Oliva

An ex-journalist. Teacher. Dad. Loves Guitar & Books. Writes when inspiration hits him.

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