All the Financial Advice Right Now Makes Me Anxious
Nicole Dieker

With respect to my own finances, as an older but not yet nearly retirement age person, I’m looking at three things….

  1. Taking in a roommate (I have one in mind who needs the space and who I would have pay less than half of the rent he’s paying now) who needs to watch his finances more carefully and who is a whiz on the local political front.
  2. Going SLIGHTLY more conservative with investments — commercial paper and the like — stable, boring, not much gain, but definitely lower risk of loss. I still think my previous comments regarding the economy under Trump are valid, but I prefer “set and forget,” within reason, my investment disbursements. If I review and adjust too much, I essentially start falling into the trap of thinking I can somehow be effective at market timing.
  3. Looking seriously into supplemental health insurance plans. Given that we have a bunch of folks in charge who gleefully would gut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security for those of us under 55, it might be a good idea to buy in now, before demand skyrockets.

As for donations of your time and treasure that are most useful — where does your mind, heart and gut coincide? That is where you should go. I’m a straight white guy from the Midwest who lives in Seattle who has given, for example, to a shelter for LGBTQ youth in Arkansas. LGBTQ teens that decide to or are forced to come out are abandoned by their families in the southeast at atrocious rates and are typically accorded little to no support from social services or civic organizations. Anyone willing to provide this help there is somewhere between a saint and utterly mad. I will be giving them more.

My two bits…