It has always been my goal in life to be an actor and YouTube entertainer . I remember as far back as 5 years old I wanted to get into show biz , But not everything turns out as it should . It takes time. Growing up I knew I had talent , Some said I was gifted . At 6 years I played ET in a school play and I was in a magic show , Later my class wrote a book called The Magic Book and was put in the school library . When I was 14 years old I built a 4 wheel pedal car and I also rode it school one day and got in a little trouble but it was ok . Now I make Erwin Tipton YouTube videos in the hopes ill get notice and take my rightful place in show biz , I do work hard . Once I know what i’m doing everything comes to me easy to me . I want to make a difference in my life and maybe my experience in life will help others . I am all over social media so check me out .