In this video American philosophers talk about notions of ‘action’ and ‘experience’. However, when their contributions are translated in plain English, a whole lot is revealed about their personal struggles.

First: watch the video. Did you get any of that? Probably not. Let me translate it for you and then watch it again. Then judge for yourself.

in order of appearance:

Douglas R. Anderson Being different, I have had a lot of set backs. One day I was molested by a cow.

Martin Jay Being pragmatic means being more social. Pragmatists like myself get things done.

Anne C. RoseMy colleagues don’t accept my ideas.

Bruce Willshire I don’t understand Descartes.

Vincent Colapietro I feel like a spectator. I am lonely and sometimes social. But not so often.

If you clicked on this article it means that you are not creative. Sorry… Because if you are creative you don’t need to become creative anymore, right? People always want to be something they’re not, so non-creative people want to be creative and creative people want to be, well, normal… So hello mister average! Let’s make you the artistic superstar you dream to become.

Now here is the strange part. You as an ‘average’ person have more chance of becoming a so called ‘artist’ than someone who is actually creative. Let’s make a distinction here between two kinds of creativity…

I was in a club with a group of people when one of the girls told me a guy was hitting on her and she didn’t like it. So I walked up to the guy and told him to leave. We shook hands, patted eachother shoulders and he left. The girl was flabbergasted “You just told him to leave?”. I was surprised at her reaction. Right there I figured there’s something most girls probably don’t understand about men.

First of all, the rejected guy has probably been rejected about one million times before, so one more time doesn’t hurt that…

I’m a sniper. I work alone. I have a big rifle. Big bullets. A big scope. I have time. I have a clear vision on you. All the time. You don’t see me because I am out of sight for you. But I see you. And I wait.

I am all alone behind enemy lines. You think your safe so you don’t pay attention. I take distance. I move slowly. I keep my eye on all possible targets. I pick my target. And I wait.

One shot. One kill. When I fire my one shot the silence is broken. The…

Every time you write or talk about ‘race’ you discriminate. You don’t understand it yet? Watch this video.

YOU keep this whole concept of ‘race’ alive by naming it. When you stop talking about it, it dies. When you keep talking about it, it thrives. You. Are. The. Racist.

Still there?
- Who Wins the Race Race: Why Racism is Jealousy

When all over the world people enjoy the last evening of the year with family and friends, the Dutch take ‘fireworks’ to the next level. Instead of leaving the dangerous job over to pyrotechnicians, the normally so neat Dutch people take matters into their own hands. Emergency Services had enough of the so called ‘consumer fireworks’, that in combination with alcohol abuse make of Dutch New Years Eve a night reminiscent of the 2013 Ethan Hawke movie ‘The Purge’, and beg politicians to stop looking away.

We found a Dutch person willing to answer some questions to about this…

In Europe, media report 300.000 times more about the American elections than about European elections (1). At the same time the EU has a lot more to say than the US. What did Obama change during his two terms? Nothing. He tried to change health care and he failed. Meanwhile the European government has passed dozens of bills that by default surpass state sovereignty.

To be clear: there just is not that much of a government in the US. You kinda have to do it yourself. That is hard to grasp for Europeans. In their world there is Communism to…

The hangover and the man meet each other on Monday morning, when the man wakes up to get to his office job. They are no friends, but it is not their first encounter either. The man tries to hide the hangover from his colleagues and be boring, while the colleagues pretend they don’t scent. The man is a success, for he is not fired yet and he even got a promotion.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the man goes to his workplace alone. He fixes little bugs in the system. A Homer Simpson job, as he likes to call it…

1 - All Americans are stoned all the time.

Yes. They are. Medicinal Marihuana is a success because the war against drugs has become ridiculous. It has nothing to do with healthcare. Just watch this video where Jimmy Kimmel asks people if they have a medicinal marihuana card and make up your mind.

So wasn’t Trump against drugs? Maybe, but it doesn’t matter what he says, it matters how he talks. What he says makes sense in the moment. Clinton is way too serious to pay attention to. Way too boring. Trump is chill.

Stoners are very paranoid. They…

In this whole feminism thingy there is one thing that never gets out. Women want get rich because men get richer and this is unequal. If you want to get rich, however, you should not be ready to get rich because everybody is ready to get rich. You should be ready to die. Social death. Moral death. Legal death. Physical death. For every man that got rich there is one that died trying.

In other words: it is not just the top of society that consists of men, it is also the bottom of society. Prisonmanship and homelessness are male…

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