I Have Translated Academic Abracadabra into Plain English and Found Out a Lot About Their Personal Struggles

Jan 8, 2018 · 1 min read

In this video American philosophers talk about notions of ‘action’ and ‘experience’. However, when their contributions are translated in plain English, a whole lot is revealed about their personal struggles.

First: watch the video. Did you get any of that? Probably not. Let me translate it for you and then watch it again. Then judge for yourself.

in order of appearance:

Douglas R. Anderson Being different, I have had a lot of set backs. One day I was molested by a cow.

Martin Jay Being pragmatic means being more social. Pragmatists like myself get things done.

Anne C. RoseMy colleagues don’t accept my ideas.

Bruce Willshire I don’t understand Descartes.

Vincent Colapietro I feel like a spectator. I am lonely and sometimes social. But not so often.

Richard RortyI talk about language to avoid talking about my feelings.


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