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What socialist Europe needs to understand about elections in the Land of the Free.

Nov 14, 2016 · 2 min read
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In Europe, media report 300.000 times more about the American elections than about European elections (1). At the same time the EU has a lot more to say than the US. What did Obama change during his two terms? Nothing. He tried to change health care and he failed. Meanwhile the European government has passed dozens of bills that by default surpass state sovereignty.

To be clear: there just is not that much of a government in the US. You kinda have to do it yourself. That is hard to grasp for Europeans. In their world there is Communism to the left and National-Socialism a.k.a. Fascism to the right and a good government is somewhere in the middle. In both cases we are talking about a very big government. Society without a government that takes care of everything -to start with healthcare- is just not imaginable. Electing a clown as the leader of the country is also not imaginable. So right now the European media are in perturbation.

Just to calm things down a little bit, let us watch Casey Neistat on election day. This guy is as much of a Democrat as one can be. He lives in New York, vlogs about the latest gadgets and he has said many times on camera that he is with Hillary. He goes to the voting booth on his electric skateboard that he just got from a sponsor and he performs his ‘Civic Duty’. At the end of the video there is an epilogue where he reflects on the result. He congratulates the Trump-supporters, that won “fair and square”, and he praises this beautiful country for the fact that no-one, not even the president, can tell you how you live your life.

Casey Neistat on Election day. Video starts when results are in and this guy happens to be in a plane.

So what will Trump change? Nothing. It’s all a big show if you live in the USA. However, the federal government, and especially the President of the United States, does have a lot to say about foreign affairs and the military. In that respect it is fair to say that people outside of the USA have more to fear or hope than people that live in the Land of the Free itself.

(1) This number is an estimated guess. Further research into the exact ratio of US elections vs. EU elections coverage is needed.

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