What does 21st Century Education mean to me?

Mental Health Literacy in Action: Bounce Back 2014

  1. You are a Star activity worksheet
  2. Letting go of worries worksheet

Both of these activities give students the opportunity to work on their resiliency methods, and begin to recognize a variety of different coping mechanisms

Digital Literacy in Action: Popplet


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What is a 21st Century Education?

21st education is demonstrated through learner-centered pedagogies, where global issues are questioned and challenged across our world. Doing so, will develop critical thinkers and is looked at as being a core foundation of this new and improved 21st century educational framework.

Kadir, M. (2017). What Teacher Knowledge Matters in Effectively Developing Critical Thinkers in the 21st Century Curriculum? Thinking Skills and Creativity. 23, 79–90.