In that sense, you are correct. However, your experiences are not necessarily representative of everyone else’s. This is why I do not often share my experiences, and when I do I do not assert they are representative of society or that they counter the facts of the world we find ourselves in. I am keenly aware that my experiences are often at odds with that of the whole. Hence, it is often the case that my experiences are irrelevant to the larger discussion.
And how do you determine this?
Bill Anderson

Hi Bill,

Looking back over my responses and yours as well, I realized I misinterpreted your words and intents. I agree that I responded condescendingly in response to your words, which I was perceiving to be condescending. I don’t have any issue admitting fault and I apologize for insulting you.

The reason why I respond is because you take the time to give me thoughtful responses and it doesn’t feel right to simply ignore your words. It is not because I feel the need to have the last word as you stated in your last writing. I am interested in hearing more of you what you have to say and maybe we can start fresh. As I said I never believed that my experiences or perspective were categorical truths or emblematic of everyone’s. I think we both have been at fault of making assumptions and misinterpreting each other’s words and intents.

Maybe we can try this: we could restart this discussion in a more focused manner and see where that goes?

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