Well if someone pointing out specifically how your position is incorrect is sign “condescending and patronizing”, you might want to either reconsider participating in open public discussion, or reassessing your assumption of other people’s motives when they do not agree with you or challenge your claims of knowledge. In either event, I wish you well and best of luck. If this is how you respond to not being agreed with and countered with facts, you’ll need it.
Good, a common ground of facts is requisite for reasonable discussion.
Bill Anderson

Hi Bill,

Not sure why you feel the need to continue an online conversation that I’m clearly not interested in having. I have no issue being wrong — I joined this platform to have discussions with people so that I can learn something and have productive discussions with those who think differently than me.

However, I will not engage with people who feel the need to belittle others to get his/her point across. That is my prerogative. I was very respectful in my comments, because I believe you are an intelligent person and will treat you as such. You can see from my earlier comments with other members of the medium community that I have no issue being disagreed with. I just think there is a way to speak to people that is not only kind, but helps us understand each other. I also agree with you on many many fronts. I’m just not interested in having a conversation with someone who needs to talk down to other people. I think it’s clear from your response that when an individual chooses to not continue a conversation with you on the internet (which leads to arguments and miscommunications) you still feel the need to belittle them — that is an issue. As well, you assume my issue is being wrong or disagreed with? That’s incorrect — I’m just simply not going to waste my time having conversations with people who talk down to other members of this community.

As well, I don’t believe that I can be wrong when I am simply sharing my own experiences. You rely on facts and data — which are important. However, you very rarely talk about your own experiences, which is more than fine. I choose to share my experiences and hear the experiences of others, instead of hiding behind data and facts that anyone can find on the internet. I never said or believed that my experiences or perspective was a categorical truth. I was simply sharing my thoughts with another member of the medium community. That is my goal with this forum, so I will continue to ask questions and approach conversation with open mindedness, instead of trying to boost my own ego. Maybe our conversation would have been better in person?Regardless, thank you for the plethora of facts and data you provided. Have a great day!

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