Thoughts on Freedom

On June 8th, Egypt has decided to block access to Medium from its ISP in addition to some other websites. Of course nobody knows why such an action was taken but we can simply relate it to the islands deal.

I do not do politics; not only because this is not the right time or the right circumstances in Egypt; but because I do not like politics. However, the best title for my second article would be ‘Thoughts on Freedom’.

This term we hear everyday in the media. That word we see a lot in history books. What does freedom really mean?

I still remember my primary school teacher when he was explaining freedom for us and he said: “Freedom means that you can do whatever you like, whenever you like on one condition; this condition is, you do not harm anyone else.” Back then, I was 7 or maybe 8 years old. The teacher continued explaining for us -the young kids- “Let’s take music as an example. You can listen to music anytime you want, wherever you want as long as you are not disturbing someone’s sleep or your sibling's study time. Even if you are home alone, you should not be putting the cassette on its max volume if that would disturb the neighborhood.”

Back then, I saw this as the perfect definition for freedom. And I think I still believe in that definition till today.

One more thing to our beautiful government in Egypt. If you are afraid of some words that would go online. If you are not feeling comfortable about the freedom of speech from internet channels that you do not have control over. And you see that the only way to fight something is by blocking it and not trying to comprehend. You guys are in a big trouble. Not only as people in charge, but as thinkers and as human beings living in the 21st century.

If you have came that far reading this piece, I would personally love to hear how you define freedom and what does freedom means to you :-)


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