Nike brought an Obsidian colour way for the new Internationalist LX

These are available at the Nike store from 95 pounds.

Retro remakes shows no sign of stopping in the sneaker industry. In fact, by utilising the recent trend of limited production, they are one of the largest contributors in creating the ‘hype’ for all ages. This series especially goes for the maturely aged generations tingled by nostalgia.

The well-known sneaker giant ‘Nike’ has added another piece to their retro collection. This time it is the Internationalist LX model.

The series made its debut in the 1980s as a product for long-distance runners. They first appeared on Alberto Slazar’s feet in the 1982 New York marathon. That day also happened to be the same weekend when Nike aired their first television commercial. A bit of history to perhaps recap your memories.

The remake featured a traditional suede upper, a synthetic sole with square shaped synthetic studs attached for better grip, as well as light weight canvas materials constructing the medial and lateral sides. The iconic Nike signature was also attached on both sides.

This classic silhouette became a massive hit due to its timeless look that matches a wide range of outfits. Its comfort around the mid-foot and ankle as well as the creases on the upper improves as you wear them over time which is another aspect sneakerheads fall in love with.

The LX model has changed up the game with the use of premium fabric, an Obsidian colour way and a black swoosh. These new touches created a highly demanded luxurious appearance, suitable for any occasion. Weather you are off to a fancy dinner party in a suit or just a casual house party, this pair has got you covered.

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