The Pioner of Property development ecosystem in Indonesia using Blockchain technology.

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4 min readJun 12, 2019

Our revolutionary concept is designed to create a standard ecosystem of blockchain, secure digital assets and provide access to funding in all property projects through crypto crowdfunding based on Smart Contract.

The first concept in Indonesia E-Saham Infinity is a Crypto asset sales service that serves as a substitute for the value of commodities in the property sector, which aims to build a decentralized ecosystem using Blockchain technology.

We look at the opportunities Cryptocurrency provides and have a vision to unite property and cryptocurrency platforms to enable everything to be easy in an environment that usually requires a lot of equity in it.

We combine everything and present it to the world. that we sell our asset crypto in a very strong market and gather a lot of support, we offer a system to the market to develop our project.

The Biggest Problem with Traditional Real Estate Industries
As with most other traditional heritage businesses, a number of other issues also greatly affect the real estate industry. Let’s explain some of the points as follows:

~Not open to everyone.
~Lack of transparency.
~The cost is very high.
~Lack of liquidity.
~Price commitment.
~Transaction speed.

Not open to everyone
Real estate has long been an investment choice for the rich. Very few assets are managed to provide the same level of passive income and capital appreciation. The problem is that barriers to entering the real estate market are always very high. These obstacles can be in the form of citizenship, international bank accounts, Credit Scores, financing, cash requirements, accreditation, and having accessibility to the right sponsors and fund managers.

If you plan to invest in another country, you must do at least one international trip and visit the property. You have to spend a lot of time and go through several brokers to invest in your chosen property.

Lack of transparency
To understand why this is a big problem, think about this — According to the Global Financial Integrity, nearly 80% of the estimated $ 1 trillion makes developing countries in the flow of illegal finance, this can be taxed to provide income for public expenditure on global challenges such as infrastructure and climate change.

The cost is very high
If you invest in international real estate, then here are some of the costs that you have to pay — currency exchange fees, transfer fees, brokerage fees, attorney fees, taxes, investment costs, etc. Because of the large number of intermediaries involved, foreign real estate investment can be an expensive process. Also, you need to keep in mind that you need to consult a lawyer and accountant also to ensure that your tax return is appropriate.

Lack of liquidity
Now we come to one of the most significant problems with real estate. They are notoriously difficult to liquidate. Liquidity is defined as how fast an asset or investment can be converted into cash. This is the reason why real estate isn’t as bad as using the Cryptocurrency method.

Price commitment
Real estate investment requires a lot of capital upfront. More often than not, investors must look at expensive alternative financing methods. Also, when it comes to international real estate, you must have a very good credit score in your home country, and this will not be carried over to the country where you want to invest.

Transaction speed
In general, you need six months to find the property and another six months to fulfill all the formalities needed to get it. Keeping in mind all these factors, you can see why the real estate industry is a major factor in disruption. This is where the role of blockchain technology comes in as a solution.

E-Saham Infinity is a new business model that mitigates risk for investors.

Global Single-Platform:
The Blockchain Cannot Solve All World Problems, But That Must Help With The Following Things. Blockchain. The “mysterious” technology behind the digital currency revolution. This is the driving force behind cryptocurrency, because it provides an unchanging ledger for all digital currency transactions.

Easy and Safe:
The Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions on many computers so that any records involved cannot be changed retroactively, without changes from all subsequent blocks.

Decentralize Payment Systems:
E-Shares Infinity Tokenisation of real estate assets refers to the process by which property owners can offer digital tokens that represent part of their property. Use the blockchain to track this investment, with each transaction given a time stamp and cannot be changed, and allowing to limit the risk of fraud

Blockchain Based Marketplace:
Although originally developed as a way to safely carry out cryptocurrency transactions, the blockchain is best described in the Deloitte, Blockchain and Commercial Real Estate studies as “distributed decentralized digital ledgers”, which are used to record transactions on multiple computers so that data recording cannot changed

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