My Digital Sketching Experience with Huion H610 Pro (8192)

TL; DR: Use Huion H610 with Sketchbook (free from Autodesk)

I drew this with the use of some mirroring features in Sketchbook

For less than $60, I am enjoying a passion I always wanted to work on. The go-to brand for digital drawing has been Wacom. I have been wanting to get one for quite a while now but being an amateur I never felt comfortable spending the hefty price tag of Wacom tablets.

Recently, seeing my search history, Amazon suggested Huion drawing tablets. They are a whole lot cheaper but had great reviews. I was skeptical in the beginning but after watching a several YouTube reviews, I decided to buy a Huion H610 Pro (8192). Despite its “Pro” labeling, it only cost me around $55 in Amazon. The other choice was Wacom Intuos but that was expensive and smaller than this, so I thought this was worth it.

Setting up was quite easy; just install the driver from their website. I tested with Photoshop and it was great but I wanted something lightweight than Photoshop. Also, I did not have a second license to use in my other machine. Alternatively, I heard about Sketchbook, which is free and comes from the same company that develops Autocad. I immediately switch to using that and so far it has been great.

The only downside to this setup is that it takes a while to get used to drawing while looking at the monitor because you do not see anything on the tablet itself. Of course, there are expensive models that come with a screen, so you can see as well. Anyway, I am happy with the setup and hope to enjoy drawing like a toddler!