Isis’ real enemies

When Nazir Khan gave his speech at the DNC and melt our hearts for his sun, so many questions about the American Muslims just raised to my mind. With every attack in the USA by a Muslim the voices here and there get so mad and blame all Muslims for that. Isis name comes first in these angry voices to blame, especially when Americans see Isis as a direct threat to them. These thoughts, hatred, and fear of Muslims grow everyday with a new attack or bomb here or there. As a result of that Americans consider Isis as their biggest enemy and believe that Isis considers America as its first and biggest enemy. As a Muslim lives in Iowa not far form the first mosque was built in the USA. I asked if this is true?

When you take a close analytic look at this state, immediately, you will doubt it, especially when you see Isis’ actions. Americans believe that Isis considers them as its first enemy, but this is not true. All the terrorist attacks in the USA were committed by individuals who were inspired by Isis or others and they might not have had any real connections to Isis — Isis just took credit for them. The mass shooting in Orlando — the biggest mass shooting in American history — the revenge from some sexual partners in the club who had unprotected sex with Omar Mateen and infected him with HIV was the main reason, according to his lover with Univision. If Isis considers the US as its first enemy, they would have attacked American territory. If attacking America itself is difficult for any reason, which is not true, Isis would then attack American embassies, employees, or citizens who work everywhere that Isis exists. But if we look at how many attacks Isis has committed against American interests we will realize that the USA is not the first enemy on the list. I cannot say that Isis has not done horrible attacks against Americans or has not killed innocent people. I cannot deny the horrible act of Tashfeen Malik and her husband Sayed Farook or others that attacked innocent people.

Isis’ first enemy are Muslims. When Muslims were celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, Isis committed more than five, deadly attacks — in Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. In Iraq, Isis killed more than 200 people. 44 people were killed in Turkey. 20 were killed in Bangladesh. Saudi Arabia, the capital of Islam just witnessed three major attacks, including in Al-Medina, the second most holy place for Muslims — the city of the prophet Mohamed, and where his body is buried. According to Saudi law, no one can get into the city but Muslims. 100% of the people in the city are Muslims worshiping god, they are pure Muslims. The first attack in Medina demonstrates very clearly that the first enemy of Isis is Muslims.

Why does Isis fight Muslims? Isis believes they are not Muslims. They don’t share what Isis believes. According to Isis’ understanding of Islam, if you don’t believe in Jihad, killing people in the name of Allah, you are not a real Muslim and you should be killed first and immediately because you are more dangerous for Islam than someone who says they are not Muslim. They believe that if you have the wrong idea of Islam you might recruit others to the wrong Islam. So Isis must protect their twisted version of Islam from inside first and keep it strong then fight the outsiders. This is why Isis hates every Muslim who does not agree with them and considers them a real danger and the first enemy.

In conclusion, Isis are not Muslims and they don’t share any beliefs with the majority of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Isis considers Muslims its biggest, first, and most dangerous enemy, that must be fought against now. America is still Isis’ enemy because, according to Isis’ beliefs, they work against Islam and Muslims, but America comes second on the list, maybe third, after the Shiaa in Iran and the other Muslim countries. My fellow Americans, don’t put all Muslims in one packet. Don’t treat more than a billion people in the world as one entity, with a few thousand crazy extremists, because that helps Isis’ message to spread and gives it momentum to recruit more people.

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