Episode 1

I wake up to see myself in a room I’ve never been in before. My first thought was, “did he catch me?”. I soon smell something DESPICABLE. It was a COMBINATION of skunk spray and a sweaty locker room.

“I see you’ve woken up”, says a voice in the shadows. I squint to see that there is a man head to toe in black clothing. I soon recognize who he is.

“Why”, I said while struggling under the chains, “did you kidnap me?” I do not want to be anywhere near this MALICIOUS man. After what he has done, I have lost all SYMPATHY for him.

“Because you are the only one that knows what happened that night”, he replies.

UNFORTUNATELY, I don’t have any proof of the incident, so I couldn’t prove that he was the one. No one believed me, except my partner, Miles. I PREDICT that he will soon find me here and get me out before it’s too late. I get a DISCOMFORTING feeling when I realize the situation I am in; in a CONFINED space with a possible psychopath who will most likely INTRODUCE me to his gun collection when he finds out that I’m not the only one who knows. I’m starting to wonder when Miles will get here. He knows that I’m always at headquarters, so shouldn’t he be suspicious of where I am right now? I snap out of my daze when I hear footsteps coming near. I didn’t even realize he left the room and he came back with his hand behind his back.

This doesn’t look good, I think to myself.

Soon he is by my side and with a syringe in his hand. The substance in the syringe had an EXTRAORDINARY color; a dark green hue with a hint of blue at the end. I soon knew where this was going.

“Stop!”, I scream as loud as I can so someone, anyone, can hear me.

“Screaming won’t help you this time”, he says in an evil tone while I soon fade into darkness.

Dark room

Episode 2

After what felt like a CENTURY later, my senses soon kick in, except my sight. I still see black, but I’m not totally unconscious. Everything is bumpy and all I can hear is a voice, near the front. I soon realize that I’m in the back of a van, and the man is trying to TRANSPORT me into another city, so that no one from my agency will find out what happened. My PREDICTION is that I will soon get out of whatever city they throw me in because my agency implanted a tiny chip inside my ear, so that they can track me whenever I’m lost. Which makes me wonder…

“How come Miles didn’t come to rescue me, does the chip even work anymore?” I wonder, when earlier the terrible man took me CAPTIVE. This is a question I can’t DISMISS. We soon come to a halt. A few moments later, the light coming from outside is blinding me when someone took off the blindfold I was wearing. I then ADJUST to the light, and face the COWARD, the same man who can’t own up to what he did a couple of weeks ago.

“Why did you bring me here?” I ask him. All I can see is grass, and a tiny village. Something doesn’t feel right. I immediately put my hand up to my right ear, and feel an INCISION, where my chip used to be.

“Yes, I have taken out the chip for obvious reasons,” he states. “It’s INCREDIBLE what technology can do these days.” Well, that answers my question.

In my peripheral vision, I see the small village and an idea hits me. It’s probably the stupidest idea in order to distract someone, but I can at least get a head start. There were jets in the sky, for some weird reason, but that helped my plan even more. I waited for the right time for a jet to pass, so that the noise can distract him and I can run to the village as fast as I can.

“Look out!” I say right when a jet flies by. He turns around, and I start towards the village, away from the AUTOMOBILE, and wonder what is ahead of me.

Photo credits: National Grasslands

Episode 3

The village is ahead of me, and I can faintly hear him screaming my name. I need to make a PSEUDONYM so no one can figure out who I am. While I think of the possibilities, many thoughts race into my head. How am I supposed to hide from them? How long will I have to until they are off my trail? As I think of the answers to these questions, I start to feel DEHYDRATED because of the hot weather. I stop running and INSPECT the area. Then everything comes back to me, like a VIVID memory.


“No, don’t! Stop or I’ll call the police!” I say to him, before he can pull the trigger. “You’re making a big mistake and you will regret this.”

“I never make choices that I regret.” he says. Then I hear the dreaded gunshots, and that’s when I knew my life would change forever. I run to the people that I once DEPENDED on for my whole life, and now they have EXITED my life, for good. I hear police sirens in the background, and judging by the looks on his face, he heard them too. He runs away before the police comes over here and REVIEW over what has happened. Someone must’ve heard the gunshots and called using a TELEPHONE. A police officer rushes over to me, while there are paramedics with stretchers to take away the injured.

The officer asked many questions, but one that stood out to me was when he asked this: “Do you know what his intentions were, or why he specifically targeted them?” I looked at all the EVIDENCE, but I couldn’t pinpoint why he targeted my parents. Afterwards, they let me stay overnight at the hospital, and I was told the terrible news the next day. I went into custody of my mom’s friend, who wasn’t the average person. She is the top spy of our headquarters, and I help her out on missions. I sometimes get to go on my own missions, but my top priority was to find out his intentions of killing my parents. I vowed that I would get revenge on what he did.

*flashback over*

‘And to this day, I still can’t find out why,’ I thought. The village is nearby, and it seems MONOTONOUS. I finally make it, and see someone that I wasn’t expecting at all.

Photo credits: Small village

Episode 4

“Miles?” I say out loud. I run over to VERIFY that it is him. That feeling of excitement ran through me as I run. He turns around to see who was calling his name and his REACTION was priceless.

“Tessa!” Miles shouts, as he starts to run in my direction. He gives me a bear hug, and then starts to give me a PATRONIZING speech which is enough to write a NOVEL. “Where have you been this whole time? My mom was freaking out because of the lack of information about your LOCATION. Didn’t you have your chip on you? You should be more careful Tessa, especially with all the strangers around here.” He finishes before I could INTERJECT him.

“I was held hostage by the same guy who killed my parents. The question to PONDER about is, why was my family the target? Is there anything he wants from me?” Before I can start asking anymore questions, Miles holds up a finger. “We should go eat first; there’s a pretty POPULAR restaurant that’s not far from here.” We start to walk and it was a good thing I was wearing a VEST since it was chilly outside. I was the first to start the conversation.

“What were you doing here anyways?”

“I was trying to find you, but your coordinates from the chip were way off and I got lost. What happened to your chip, by the way?”

“The guy somehow detected it and made a small incision in my ear to remove it.” I say in frustration. “We need to track him down as soon as possible. I won’t go on other missions until I get an answer from this guy. He owes me an explanation.”

We reach the restaurant and quickly order our meal. And soon after our food arrived, we heard a scream that could’ve PUNCTERED anyone’s eardrums.

Photo credits: Restaurant

Episode 5

Miles and I quickly get up, leaving the food untouched. The noise seemed to come from the back, so I went there while Miles was trying to calm everybody down and make the DISSONOUS noise decrease. It was difficult to find the source of the noise, since everybody was still shaken by that DYNAMIC scream. While I was searching, I see people trying to figure what is going on, and some even HYPERVENTILATING. “They must have saw something,” I wondered. I’m surprised the police are not here yet. I continue to the back until I walk by a locked door, painted with a deep red color that CONTRASTED with the white decor of the restaurant. I try to push open the door with all of my strength, but it won’t budge. I take out my door-opening device which is secretly disguised as a pen. I outline the door then very quietly open the door, making sure it doesn’t make a noise. Once I get in, I am shocked. The room looks like a DISASTER. Papers all over the SURFACE of tables, bottles everywhere, and a faint smell of smoke in the air. I look all over the room, confident that this was where the noise came from but I needed evidence. I start to look at the papers all over the table until I heard a sound beneath my feet. I look down and see that I have stepped on a piece of paper with an OCTAGON logo on it. On it read,

“Be here at 4:30 or you will regret facing the consequences. Tonight is when we carry out Operation MaxwellT11200.”

I immediately ran to Miles, who managed to get everyone out of the restaurant. He told them to go home and we will figure out where and what that sound came from. I hand him the note and watched him skim over it. He had the same reaction I had when I read the note, and quickly RECOGNIZED who wrote it.

“Dr. Maxwell!” We both say in SYNCHRONIZATION. Of course it would be the guy who’s trying to kidnap and kill me. Who else would send such an ominous message? I have a bad feeling at the bottom of my stomach that this LUNATIC’S note is about me. We both look at the clock and see that it is already 5:00. How much could they accomplish in half an hour? It seems like Miles was wondering the same thing when he said,

“We need to find them before they do more damage.” I agreed, and we searched for more clues. We checked everywhere and right when we were about to give up, Miles calls me over.

“Check this out,” he says while looking under one of the few red tables. I go under to see what he’s talking about and see something that I thought I would never see in such a long time.

Episode 6

Underneath the table was a picture of me and my family. I must’ve been around five when the photo was taken. I’ve been looking everywhere for this image, how did it show up now?

“Isn’t that you?”, Miles says to me. I ignore him and keep studying the photo. There’s something off about this picture, as if it’s something I haven’t noticed before. Right when I see what’s wrong, Miles INTERRUPTS me.

“Look, it’s Dr. Maxwell!”, he says in EXCLAMATION. I take a step closer to inspect the image very carefully. And Miles was right; Dr. Maxwell was in the background, very discretely. PLUS, his facial expression seemed as if he was hiding a SECRET. I check the clock and see that it is already 5:30. An hour has passed since Dr. Maxwell and his assistant has been here. We don’t have much time; Miles and I need to stop them immediately, I think in my head. But how? Where could they be? Many questions race into my head while I try to search for answers.

“I found another clue in the back kitchen.” My thoughts are interrupted when Miles comes back with a note in his right hand. I take it with a GRATEFUL smile, excited that we have another piece to this mysterious puzzle. I scan it quickly and my face drops. On it read:

Meet at Terminal C at the York Airport tonight at 6:30. Plan B will take place at 7:00, right on the dot. Don’t be late or else you will face the consequences.

I check the clock, and see that it is CURRENTLY 5:45. I give one look to Miles and he immediately sees my expression. He starts to call our agency using his chip, telling them the situation that we were in. After he listens to the directions, he says a quick goodbye and hangs up.

“Mom says that we should stay right here and wait for them to come pick us up. Afterwards, we go to York and get to Terminal C. Our team will TRANSFER to Terminal B and start setting up to capture Maxwell.”

“What time will they be here?”, I ask. I didn’t want to lose time and felt like we could get the job done faster if Miles and I went ahead ourselves. But we both know the job would be executed better if we INCLUDED our whole team, especially since they have advanced technology and equipment to help us.

“In around 10 minutes, calm down. I promise that we’ll catch him this time.” He knew how important it was for me to catch Maxwell. I’ve wanted revenge ever since that incident, and the fact that he hasn’t faced any repercussions because of his murder makes me even more angry. It’s as if LUCIFER has possessed him to do such a thing.

“We better or else I’m going to try finding him on my own.” He knows I would never do that, but there is always a small possibility that I would. I’m just a MEDIUM-sized girl who may have a lot of strength, but can’t succeed without the help of my team. We all contribute to the mission. I was in deep thought until Miles interrupts my thinking.

“Um Tessa? We may have a slight problem.” I look outside and follow his line of sight until I see it. And when I do, I scream so loud it puts little toddlers to shame.

Episode 7

Outside was a big truck that neither of us recognized. The only reason I screamed was because there were no other cars in sight and everyone went back home. Why on earth is there a truck outside? The fact that the truck did not belong to anyone in our organization didn’t COMFORT me.

“Isn’t that the POLICE?” says Miles in CONFUSION. Sure enough, I failed to read on the side of the car that stated it was the police. I REFUSE to go outside to see what’s happening when I could be looking for more clues and find Dr. Maxwell. Wasn’t that the plan the whole time, to find our CULPRIT and make sure he’s put behind bars? This mission is going to take awhile to accomplish if we keep getting obstacles in our way. “I think we should check and see what’s going on, just in case they’re not on our trail and we can go back to work without any disturbance,” he continues. Right before I could say no, he goes on saying “I know you’re going to say no, like the other NUMEROUS times whenever there’s something in the way of getting closer to finding Dr. Maxwell, but it would make me feel more secure knowing that they’re real policemen, not just some guys in disguise, ok?” I reluctantly agree, saying that it would be a good idea to check.

“That’s the SPIRIT!” He says with a grin as we walk out the door. There are about 2 policemen, one writing down something in his notepad and the other inspecting the area. It seems as if they’re doing an investigation, just like us.

“Is there something wrong? We can help out, if you want,” Miles says to the men. I quickly scan them over, just to make sure they weren’t murderers or drug dealers. Even though the car says police, I still don’t trust them. Miles ASPIRES to be one if he wasn’t a spy; as you can tell, he likes the thought of saving people and enforcing the law.

“Yes young man, there is something wrong actually. Someone reported a strange man entering this restaurant and thought we should check it out. Have you guys heard of him?” He shows us a rough sketch of a man, and he faintly resembles Dr. Maxwell.

“Yes, we know the man you guys are looking for! He left this note, saying that he’s meeting up with someone at the York Airport.” Miles exclaims.

“That’s great news! Would you mind getting in the car to help us sort this problem out?” One of the policemen say. I have a bad feeling about this.

“Sure!” Miles says in an overexcited tone. Right when he’s about to head to the truck, I pull him aside.

“Miles, we’re supposed to wait for your mother and the team! What are you thinking, we can’t even trust these guys. Are you insane?” I whisper in an angry hushed tone.

“C’mon Tessa, we should really help them out. We could even catch Dr. Maxwell and put him in jail! Isn’t that what you’ve wanted anyway? Please?” Miles says. He did point out some good stuff, but I know I will regret this later.

“Fine, I guess we could go. But you have to help them out with finding him in the airport; I’m not as good as you when it comes to remembering URBAN areas.”

“Yes! Thank you so much, this is going to be great I promise.” We head to the truck and get in. Inside was many PLASTIC water bottles, maps, and a pack of cigarettes. As we drive away, I start to think about the many ways we will fail to find Dr. Maxwell.

photo credits: police car

Episode 8

There was an awkward silence among us as we drove to the airport. I was still mad that we were helping the men out, so I wasn’t in the mood to talk. To break the ice, Miles was the first to speak up.

“How long have you guys been policemen?” Great, I thought, now they’ll never shut up.

“For about two and a half years. I started around the beginning of 2013, Chris here started around mid-August last year. My name’s Jim, by the way.”

“How did you guys get assigned to this case anyway?” Miles wonders.

The two men give each other a brief look, as if they weren’t expecting this question. Chris speaks up.

“Well, um, our chief thought we would be good for this case and so he assigned it to us. We haven’t been on an investigation for a while, so Chief CONTACTED us and thought this would be perfect for us.”

I SENSED something wrong here. I feel like they just made up that answer on the spot. Chris didn’t seem confident in his answer, and they looked at each other in an unusual way. This time, I decided to speak up.

“Who is your chief? I think we might know him.” I glance at Miles, and he gave me a RIDICULOUS look, as if to say what are you talking about?

I gave him a look back, and waited for their response.

“Our chief is a quiet man,” Chris says. “I don’t think he’ll appreciate us telling you guys who he is, so he will have to remain ANONYMOUS. His identity should remain SECURE, even if you guys say you might know him.”

Now I wanted to be INVOLVED in this conversation. These “officers” seem sketchy to me. My assumption was that Dr. Maxwell sent his helpers disguised as officers to kidnap us and take us to the airport. I just need evidence to SOLIDIFY my guess. If only there was a way to show Miles that my hypothesis is CORRECT…

All of a sudden we hear a weird noise coming from the front. Jim pulls over and checks to see what’s going on. He GESTURES to Chris to come over. This was my chance to talk to Miles and tell him what I think of these guys. I guess MIRACLES do happen.

“Hey, I don’t think these guys are really officers. I feel like they’re Dr. Maxwell’s assistants, luring us into his trap. We need to come up with an escape plan, fast.” Miles wasn’t responding or even looking at me. He was staring off into space. That only happens when something bad is going to happen.

“Tessa, I have some bad news for you…” Great, just great.

York Airport

Episode 9

“Miles, what’s wrong?” I ask fearfully. I have a premonition that it is not going to go well for either of us.

With a shaky finger, he points to the windshield. I look in that direction, and see two guns pointed at us. While I was talking to Miles, they must have gone to the trunk of the car and retrieved them. The PERFIDY of these two officers does not surprise me. I knew there was something fishy about them.

“Well, now what do we do?” Miles asked, in an INSANELY low voice. We were in a bit of a predicament; I don’t want to die but it was hard trying to come up with an escape plan.

“Get outta the car, now!” Jim says. Chris showed SYMPATHY for a FRACTION of a second, but quickly regained his sense of the situation and started to smirk. We slowly got out of the car, with our hands in the air to show that we are not going to harm them.

“Tessa, I’m serious what’s the next move?” said Miles, who was almost close to wetting his pants. We have never been in a situation where guns were pulled out on us. I was trying to come up with a plan as fast as I could, but the only solution I could think of was to run. It wasn’t the best idea, but it was a start and we can develop from there. We would have to COOPERATE together to try to get out of this mess.

“Miles, when I scratch my ear, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction, got it?” I murmur, hoping he heard what I said. He looked at me sideways, which lets me know he heard.

I scratched my ear, and we both took off running. As we ran, we could hear gunshots behind us. Training back at headquarters definitely helped us learn how to outrun potential criminals.

“What a STELLAR plan, Tess. Not only are we being chased by the officers, but HQ probably lost track of us.” Miles huffed, as we kept on sprinting. The sounds of the gunshot started to diminish, so we slowed down our pace.

“You try coming up with a quick plan while guns are pointed at you.” I said in an irritated tone.

“Alright, I’m sorry; but we can’t always run away as our backup plan. We have to fight back.” Miles said. “All that training would have been for nothing then.”

“What I say is FINAL. Between fight or flight, I’d choose the latter. Now that we cleared that up, we have to find a new place to hide and disguise ourselves.” I say, while looking around the area.

All of a sudden, we hear a CANINE barking. My first thought was civilization! But we got closer and saw that it was just a lone house with a crazy dog making a CACOPHONY. The house looked erie and old, with thick vines starting to wrap around the house. It looked mysterious and as much as I love mysteries, my CONSCIENCE was telling me that I shouldn’t go in. There could be a serial killer inside for all I know, but besides all that I really wanted to go in. Something about it was intriguing, and it may even help us catch Dr. Maxwell.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I whisper to Miles, wary of my surroundings.

“We so need to get into that house.” Miles whispered back. We cautiously make our way to the front door. Luckily the dog was chained up and couldn’t attack us if he tried. We reach the door, and right before we knock on it, the door opened up and we saw a familiar face.

“I have been expecting you guys.” Dr. Maxwell said.

Mysterious house