Summary of indy board game crowd funding

Over the years some 1,200 board game creators have found their way to Kickstarter in search of funding. Nearly 1,500 projects have been created since 2009. Some board games are a hit, receiving Millions of dollars in funding, others get a disappointing zero dollars in funding.

To understand the outlook of board game funding through Kickstarter I took a look at the data, extracting the 1,500 projects and data and analyzed that data to see if there were any insights that could be taken away. There were many.

How many board games have been funded through Kickstarter?

Thirty-seven percent (37%) of board games which sought funds have received full backing. That means over five-hundred (554) board games have become a reality thanks to the support of the indy boardgame community.

How much funding to creators

Projects seek all types of funding, from the lofty goal of over $350,000 for games such as The Proxy (unsuccessful), or famously The Cones of Dunshire (canceled). To games with much more attainable goals like, THUG N’ THIEVES (canceled) which only sought a single dollar.

Unrealistic funding expectations, be it too high or too low, lead to failed funding campaigns. Too high, and backers are reluctant to support your product, too low and your product will fail for not raising adequate funds to actually deliver. It’s vital if anyone is serious about bringing a project to reality, to treat the funding goal like a real business. Understand the true costs of production and delivery. And seek a funding amount that fits your project.

The majority of projects, fifty-percent (50%) seek funding totalling less than $10,000. Another nearly forty-percent (38%) seek funding between $10,000 to $50,000. The final twelve-percent (12%) of projects seek funding $50,000 and more.

Percent of projects started by funding range

Project Goals Average $23,141.94 Median $15,000.00 Max $357,500.00 Low $1.00

Does goal range effect funding success?

In short, yes it does. Many more games seek under $10,000 which gives them an advantage in that they are easier to fund and more likely to be a success. You can see that as projects require more funding the number of them becomes proportionately less.


Projects Backed < $10k 533 245 $10k — $20k =10000",’Kickstarter data’!C[7]:C[7],”352 =10000",’Kickstarter data’!C[6]:C[6],”132 $20k — $30k =20000",’Kickstarter data’!C[7]:C[7],”240 =20000",’Kickstarter data’!C[6]:C[6],”83 $30k — $40k =30000",’Kickstarter data’!C[7]:C[7],”124 =30000",’Kickstarter data’!C[6]:C[6],”39 $40k — $50k =40000",’Kickstarter data’!C[7]:C[7],”64 =40000",’Kickstarter data’!C[6]:C[6],”18 $50k”]”>> $50k =50000")”>160 =50000",’Kickstarter data’!C[8]:C[8],”1")”>37

The funding goal of a board game project definitely affects the outcome. Obviously smaller projects are more easily funded and more likely to be funded. Therefore, projects seeking funding of $10,000 or less are successful 46% of the time.


Percent Backed vs Average < $10k 45.97% 8.36% $10k — $20k 37.50% -0.11% $20k — $30k 34.58% -3.03% $30k — $40k 31.45% -6.16% $40k — $50k 28.13% -9.49% $50k”]”>> $50k 23.13% -14.49%

How has board game funding changed over the years?

Independent board game funding via Kickstarter has become much more common over the past five to six years. With the number of board games seeking to be funded each year, the number being successfully backed is also climbing.


Year Projects Backed 2009 2 1 2010 14 6 2011 75 35 2012 177 65 2013 274 112 2014 385 141 2015 363 176

The average goal for each project over the years had grown and then settled to approximately $25,000. The total value of funding pledged toward board game projects over the year has steadily grown.


Year Avg. Goal Avg. Pledged 2009 $1,250.00 $895.51 2010 $5,001.43 $2,335.86 2011 $11,215.45 $10,293.52 2012 $19,439.51 $20,391.38 2013 $23,207.91 $42,853.20 2014 $25,654.31 $27,090.09 2015 $23,009.88 $63,681.61 2016 $28,256.29 $7,389.90


How much support do independent board games have?

Funding pledged toward successfully backed projects over the years had steadily grown from less than $50,000 Total Market size five years ago. To 2015 where over $22 Million in funding was provided to independent board game creators.


Year Total Backing 2009 $1,741.02 2010 $31,113.07 2011 $730,896.23 2012 $3,328,870.77 2013 $11,232,194.66 2014 $9,502,343.91 2015 $22,275,735.49

Top grossing indy board games:

Game Gross Funding Conan $3,327,757.00 Kingdom Death Monster $2,049,721.00 Scythe $1,810,294.70 Arcadia Quest Inferno $1,710,713.62 Ghostbusters The Board Game $1,546,269.50 The Others 7 Sins $1,464,489.52 Cthulhu Wars $1,403,981.00 THE 7th CONTINENT — Explore. Survive. YOU are the hero! $1,334,400.77 Super Dungeon Explore Legends $1,290,522.32 Deadzone The Sci-fi Miniatures Board Game $1,216,482.00