Datapad: Mobile collaborative hub for data-driven teams

Data is the new oil; in the sense that raw data isn’t valuable in and of itself but rather the value is created when it is gathered accurately, timely and connected to other relevant points. More organizations are trying to be data-driven, invest in BI tools, or want competitive advantages using machine learning and AI leading to an explosion in big data debt and the proliferation of startups emerging to solve parts of the problem.

Data-driven decision making & the rise of BI & dashboard tools

The data-driven decision making (DDDM) process can be broken down into 4 main steps: identifying objectives and data sources, collecting data, visualizing data, and finally developing actionable insights. Although many successful startups have emerged over the years focusing on parts of these steps, there has been no other solution truly democratizing data visualizations, real-time access to insights and storytelling across the whole organization because most of these tools only enable centralized information sharing and still lack real-time accessibility. Instead, they focus on the visualization of measurements that are important for business decisions, providing key performance indicators (KPIs) in the form of charts, graphs, and maps that were built for centralized decision making and a culture cascading from top to bottom. Missing out on unheard voices and limited to obvious data sources (e.g. systems), most importantly, on a culture built natively leveraging decentralized inputs.

Even though DDDM focused companies have already invested in BI tools, these centralized decision-making tools don’t provide teams with team-specific data when needed. That’s why these teams start creating their own small spreadsheets to easily access the data they need during meetings. This vital data is not only less widely accessible, but also not up-to-date.

Enter Datapad

is a social hub and organization-wide metrics/goals search engine with many different features focusing on decentralizing the access and creation of organizational data and insights via a mobile-first app truly democratizing access to data. Some of these features include AI-based visualization of data entries and a very powerful organization-wide search engine, and many more.

Founded by a founder well-versed in product design & management

When I first met with he explained in detail and with excitement the idea which he had been crafting for years as the “product lead” at Hepsiburada and BluTV. As he was doing his pitch on his feet looking all cool, which we later found out was due to him having back problems (lol 😀), I could relate to the data visibility/access to data problems we see in many cases. After further calls and meetings with the rest of the 500 Istanbul team, it was imminently clear to us that Cem was the product guy equipped with the experience to bring this to life.

His expertise in product development and past executive tenures in some of the largest data-centric Turkish tech startups will contribute to creating the ingredients needed for executing product-led growth, our holy grail as VCs. We also believe he is one of the most capable entrepreneurs in Turkey in terms of building great teams from scratch and managing highly-skilled employees through thick and thin owing mainly to the fact that he is a damn nice person!

Data innovation happened a decade ago, now it’s time for distribution

The increased adoption of data-driven business models by small, medium, and large enterprises, as well as the growing e-commerce activity, are expected to fuel the BI market even further.

Datapad saw the untouched potential in enabling teams and organizations to have a decentralized data hub, and the collaboration capabilities it unlocks via its mobile-first platform. We fully believe in Cem’s vision and Datapad’s innovative take on the BI market.


Vice President @ 500 Istanbul, Ex-Advisor