First Platinum Platinum Masternode of ESBC Blockchain

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A few days ago, our team launched the first Platinum Masternode ESBC. ROI for it is much lower for other levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold.

You can check current information about ESBC Platinum on mnrank


Why is that?
Monitoring services I provide statistics based on actual rewards for full implementation of masternode monitoring services, at least one working masternode in the blockchain is required.
As you can see the reward for Bronze\Silver\Gold at about the same level, comparable to the most disadvantageous at the moment Gold
The Deposit for Platinum is 5 times higher, so the reward for 5 Gold would be about 2065 coins, the average reward per day for Platinum is 1569 coins, so we lose about 500 coins, 25% is a very significant budget loss for developers.

Since Platinum receives a 2% reward from the block, the reward for PoS has decreased to 18% from each block, it is still a very large reward, Pos receives only 10% less than the bronze level, and 40% less Silver and Gold.

In the blockchain and the community there are positive sentiments, the number of blocked coins increased by more than 10%. Before the launch of Platinum, locked coin was just below 69%.

Exchanges also show positive mood. The price set a new record this year of 1000 sat.

Coingecko price chart
crex24 excange
Graviex excange
STEX excange

In April we will move to a new Protocol, with the increase in rewards for Platinum masternode ESBC, at the moment the reward for Platinum 2% after the update, I plan to use the following rewards distribution.

Share your opinion, you can offer other system of awards and prove, than it is better for our project. I remind you that we want to change the rewards for each level of mastered and change the block time from 60 seconds to 120, the transition will be smooth:
60,61,62,63…. average time of the unit. This is done to create a stronger ESBC market and strengthen the price.
Based on the comments and write a separate topic about the future update blockchain ESBC and the Economic system.




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Originally published at on March 14, 2019.