The life of ESBC

The intention to change the world with the innovative technology of BLOCKCHAIN, and the idea of making everything more beautiful and fun, led a person to start this project. Together with a great team that was forged over time, a brilliant mind and a noble spirit, Sergey was led to create the ESBC project … Not everything was joy in the process. They went through calamities with the team, but the project came to the surface after a swap …

The web development make one big a wonderfull change in the design, making an new and fresh face to the crypto-betting world!!

But the team did not stop at all. Arriving to list us in dozens of platforms, as well as pages of services of MNs, exchanges, stake services, cryptocurrency statics pages and much more websites… Here, a list of some of them:


Stake & MNs Services:

The team work really hard to make an unique and new wallet appearence!!

Team also work hard to have the best interpersonal relationships, and to create links with our wonderful community, as well as with all our partners. Exploiting all the network socials, specially the Discord Platform… U can join to our community world from here:


Although ESBC is dedicated to E-Sports betting, it was never limited … Adding broad-spectrum games such as soccer, hokey, tennis, basketball, UFC fights and much more other sports …

Besides that, and thanks to the technology used (Blockchain) ESBC also offers a variety of 4 tiers of MNs, of which anyone willing to invest in the project, can achieve a long-term gain with high recovery rates … The MNs of ESBC are intelligently designed, to achieve an effective return on investment, and maintain harmony between the time lapse and the subsequent investments … You can check it for urself whatching the next table:

The list of ESBC MNs are increasing exponentially everydays, together with the betting community and investors!!! Here just one example from our MN Tier 1 (BRONZE)


ESBC has planned many more updates, partnerships, listings, events at unimaginable scales and a correct vision of the way forward … The tests were put on the table, all our achievements together, the alliances, and the slow and steady growth shown up today, and there is still much more to achieve. The conviction of the team, the union that was forged with the partners and the community in general are making it possible.


Its important that you know in which you invest your money before doing it. This is my vision, along with all the evidence that supports it … Now it’s time for you to study and analyze the possibilities and decide if you will be part of this change … We will be here in any way, waiting for them… ENJOY!!!