One of the hardest things to do in business, is finding the right price. Whether it is the price of a product, a service, a company or simply the price of a great team. For a startup, finding the right team, and making sure that they stay satisfied and motivated, is crucial for successfully scaling the business. Offering the right salary is an important part of this equation, but, unfortunately, there is limited data and transparency on this topic today.

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Arkwright X work and meet with talented startups every day. We follow the Nordic startup scene closely and know the highs, the lows and the many challenges new businesses must overcome on their way to success. Together with Danske Bank, and with the support of StartupLab and a range of fantastic partners across the Nordic region, we set out to gather the necessary data to get a better understanding of salaries in the startup scene, in each of the Nordic countries. This resulted in the Startup Salary Survey, which is a guide to help entrepreneurs, investors, candidates and others benchmark the price of startup talent. …

“Turns out that Scandinavia is more than just Sweden” — quote from international VC investor.

As most people know, Sweden, and especially Stockholm, has been a breeding ground for successful technology startups in recent years, but guess what?! There are other interesting countries in Scandinavia when it comes to aspiring startups. Yes, Denmark is also fantastic (I am Danish btw), but I live in Norway, so this post is about the country of oil, fjords and (what feels like) the most expensive food prices in the world.

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Unsplash! Credit: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Briefly about me and what I wish to share in this post:

My name is Esben, I am Danish, but moved to Oslo from Copenhagen a couple of years back. I am the co-founder and Head of Arkwright X, which is an Oslo-based incubator investing in and working with promising software companies within the B2B space. If you are interested, you can read a bit more about us and see a video of me trying to say something smart here. We are an active part of the Norwegian startup ecosystem and thus I tell myself that it is okay to blurt out my views on the Norwegian startup scene for the world to hear. …


Esben Poulsen

Co-founder and Head of Arkwright X. Investing in and working with promising B2B software companies.

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