Find a Way

When what you’re doing isn’t working

It sucks being in a rut. Whether it’s a life issue or a business issue, not seeing improvement can be debilitating. In my opinion, most of our schools have taught us that there is a right way and there’s little to no margin for a second way.

Delta operators of the U.S. Army are among the best trained warriors in the world. They train, train, and train. Yet, much of what they face in real world scenarios, often as only a team of two, never falls within a direct category of their training.

How is it they are so successful at what they do?

Their training, at the core, is designed for much more than accomplishing a single task. It’s designed to develop a warrior ethos, and the effective deployment of it in all scenarios. This ethos embodies the posture and attitude to never quit.

Lives are always at stake when Delta is involved and the fact that they always find a way informs us that there is always a way. More importantly, that there is not just one right way.

Entrepreneurs are notorious for consuming sets of principles that promise success, because well… they were successful for another. Adopting this mindset, which says what worked for another will work for me is very dangerous. I would proffer that it is okay to attempt the methods of others, but to wisely diversify your efforts. We don’t have the option to quit, we must, like Delta operators, posture ourselves to overcome.

It is more important to find a way than it is to find the way.