Assignment 8

Junior and business management major Ellen Kate Pomeroy leaves the J.D. Williams Library on campus. After class on Mondays and Wednesdays she reads or does homework in the library before going home.
Pomeroy values the peace and quiet of the library, often staying just for the atmosphere. Here she colors on her iPad Pro, she says that it is relaxing and a good way to unwind after talking about numbers in a finance class.
Pomeroy knows the importance of staying in shape and makes a point to walk every day for at least an hour. Walking also is a good way to raise the heart rate and move before stretching for yoga.
While on the treadmill, Pomeroy walks at the steepest incline for an hour, which she times on her iPad. While walking, she choses to listen to pod casts or watch Grey’s Anatomy.
Pomeroy strives to maintain an healthy and balanced diet, opting to eat more vegetables than meats. While also a picky eater, she is working past a dislike of lettuces.
Lettuces and vegetables may be a struggle, but Pomeroy enjoys fruit, especially for lunch or a snack. Her perfect snack after school is green apple slices with peanut butter, so that she gets protein and still eats well.
Yoga is a way for Pomeroy to relax and de- stress after a long day at school. After struggling with a difficult pose, she laughed it off before starting again.
Yoga has been a monumental help in coping with depression and school related anxiety. Pomeroy first started freshman year, and recently has been certified as a yoga instructor. She hopes to influence others the way she was influenced.
A business management major, with a finance minor, Pomeroy juggles an intense academic schedule. After a 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. class day, she enjoys going to the park to meditate and do yoga.
A native of Houston, Texas, she is proud of her Texan-ness, often showcasing various Texas — brand items. She favors Oklahoma NCAA athletics but also supports Cleveland’s professional sports teams.
Pomeroy never knows when the urge or need to do yoga will hit her, so she always has her yoga mat with her, even at school.
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