Interviewing sucks. Let’s make it awesome.
Gabe Kleinman

Love the teach us something idea! Sometimes I feel like interviewers are too busy telling me about themselves- like the COO of the startup or the 2 ladies at the law firm. I understand it has to be a good fit for both sides, but all I learned during the interview is that you have a huge need for attention. The other one I hate is when you know I don’t have experience in-fill in the blank software program- if that was your number one priority, why did you call me to come in? Just to make it easier to hire the in house candidate you already know that you are giving the job to? I’d love the chance to make something, bring it in and explain how it could benefit the company. Give me the chance to show you what I can do. It is a lot more than trying to figure out an answer to the bullshit question- what does your current supervisor say that you need to improve upon? I think next time my answer will be, well I haven’t solved world hunger yet, so I’m kind of a slacker. But I can make a pretty sweet spreadsheet…..want to see?