#resistance — episode III

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The woman’s name is Darya, she tells me as she leads me to the waiting van. Inside are three men, who just seem to be along for our protection. Although I’m not sure why I would need it. What have I gotten myself into? Darya briefs me on what has been happening.

“All of the refugee children were rounded up in accordance to the order of the president. They were supposed to be taken to a specific location, reunited with their parents and then returned to Syria. However, there were enough people involved that did not agree with this plan. When the operation started, we updated the orders and diverted the children to a different location that we had set up. The president can’t really tell the country that he has no idea where the kids are, so he is covering that part up for now. The parents who voluntarily went are at the original location.”

“So what happens next?” I asked, still wondering why they needed me at all. This group, whoever they were, seemed well run and completely capable. “We need your help with Bruce,” Darya explained. “But Bruce told me just today that he knows nothing. How is he even involved?” Darya looked at me with caution. “Kristin, how well do you know Bruce?” I thought about that for a minute. Bruce had just appeared out of nowhere when I was setting up the resistance. He quickly became an integral part and my most trusted advisor. “Darya, I trust Bruce with my life.” I didn’t have a chance to say more. We had arrived.

“This is our headquarters for now,” Darya explained. I looked around the hangar at all of the people, everyone seemed very busy. Then I saw him. My mysterious love interest from the resistance. What was he doing here? I visibly jumped as he came towards me. He saw and slowed his pace. I still didn’t know if I could trust him. “I don’t want you to feel afraid. I just wanted you to know that I was here. The last thing I would want is to catch you off guard.” I had no idea that I was holding my breath until he said that. “What do you know about Bruce?” I asked him. “No,” he said gently, shaking his head. “I’ll send Mike over. He can explain it all to you.” And with that, he walked away.

But this time, I didn’t want him to go. Somehow in the middle of all of the energy of this place, a sweet memory came back. We were on the run from the establishment. He had pulled me into an open doorway, and we hid behind the door. The group in front of us was still on the run, so the opposition kept chasing them and never noticed that we had split off. We stood there, very close and didn’t make a sound. I remembered, finally. A good memory. There must be more.

Just then, Mike showed up. He was always part of our group in the resistance. A jokester, he kept us all entertained when things got tough. But after a hello hug, he was all business. “Kristin, we need to talk about Bruce.” “Yeah, everyone keeps hinting about it. What the hell is up?” As I listened, I wanted to object over and over. But every time, Mike just held my hand and said, “I’m sorry!”

It seems that I was wrong about Bruce all along. He was always on the side of the establishment. He had secured my capture and it was his idea to use the drugs and propaganda to break my trust with my darkly sad and mysterious love interest. That way I would rely more heavily on Bruce and he could control more of the missions.

“But wait! I asked Mike, “How was the resistance a success then?” Mike explained, “Also the mastermind of Bruce. The public wanted a hero, so Bruce convinced them to let me appear to win. This gave them time to put the refugee plan in place. Which was also Bruce’s idea. Thank goodness we had someone watching him at all times. We knew all of their moves, so it was easy for us to circumvent the plan. We re-routed all of the kids to our secure location.”

So what was next? “We need to send you in quickly before Bruce catches on that you are with us. He is pretty busy trying to figure out where the kids went, so he has lost track of what you are up to. Plus, you called him in a fog this morning, so we are still a step ahead of him. There is one more thing. I’m sending John with you. Kristin, it’s time for you to trust him again.” “I know,” I say softly, “I know.”

…..to be continued


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