Confession of Procrastinator

Alright, so here is the first step. My confession. I am… *sigh*… I am a procrastinator. You might think that it was too easy to say, well, indeed — yes, but not for me. And here is why:

I’m 30 years old. I consider myself young, but old enough to understand that it can’t go any further than this now.

I’m out of a job. Life circumstances led me to this point. I’ve been in IT for more than 8 years starting from simple QA Engineer (well, Tester) and then I was QA Team Lead, QA Lead, QA Manager (I loved to call myself Head of Department), certified Scrum Master, Project Manager, Product Lead, etc. Even though all these roles related to the IT, I have no educational background in IT. I think that I climbed high enough, but the thing that I have no theory (mostly experience) and technology base, shows that my soft skills is not enough to continue my career.

I’m divorced. Shit happens, everyone fails, but I don’t want such fail again as it was tough. More than a year of depression, that preceded it, throws me into the fear right now when I think that my current relationships may end the same way.

I want my life to become better. Much better. I have some goals, but they are only dreams right now, and if I want to be successful and happy in this life, and in fact I want, I have to make-my-dreams-real.

I’m the only one who is guilty, spending my time on anything, instead of real things that matter and things that would lead me to a better life.

So here is my vow:

No matter how hard it would be I’m going to do my best to quit being procrastinator for a better life for myself and relatives.

and to prove this, I’m going to track my activity.

It’s a screenshot of how this site looks like right now (as of time right before the first post).

Escape From Procrastination before the first post

Default template, some non-default plugins (you don’t see them), and that’s it. As a person who want to escape from procrastination I want it to be my starting point. From my perspective these first steps are fine — I bought domain (the cheapest one, tbh), hosting, setup it and now it works. No fancy stuff, no mega-super-duper anything. It simply works, all that is needed right now.

Thanks for being with me, looking forward to see you again.

Truly yours,

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