The important of practice

I bet you miss me :) So am I. It was a several weeks of studying and getting certifications (I’m already hold more 5+ of them in Project Management and earn more than 100 PDUs or contact hours) And it sounds great. At least for me. I practice a lot and I learned a lot.

I took me time to learn everything, and it will took me even more time to apply all the gained knowledge and experience. But there are several things that I wanted to talk with you, my dear friends, that could possibly help you, if you are on the same way as I am.

And mostly it is about importance of practice.

What I realise during my learning is that it does not progress logically. You cannot be sure that if you learned in one day a piece of info, you will learn the same amount in the next day. No matter what you do, it’s uncontrollable. Therefore you cannot forecast it. And for those people who want to see achievable goals it’s awful. For me personally it’s a pain in the ass and the thing that killing me and drives me away from my way and even throw into frustration.

So what I found that works for me, is to remove my focus from my goals and dreams, and set it to process. And you know what? It helped. The Pomodoro Technique that I describe perviously is a useful tool for such concentration. By the end of the day, I was found myself not only achieving my goals, but even higher.

As I said, learning does not progress logically, but after period of time you will see the result. And here I came to another thing. I read a lot that to develop kind a good habit, you need to practice it 21 day (it differs from article to article, but more or less it’s the same). As one of the reason why a new habit is developed it’s that you get used to it.

Little girls practice tennis
Little girls practice tennis

The same happens in the sport when you practice it. No matter is it only a fitness or any kind of professional sport. In the beginning you almost know nothing, then you practice the simplest things until you do them automatically and make a step further. Or your body is developed. But it does not happened in one day, or even week. You must be prepared to run a marathon, rather than 100-meters sprint. And that seems to be the only possible way to escape from procrastination, my folks.

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