Reeling to Writing

The only thing that comforts me, the only thing that settles my soul and calms me down is writing. This is a therapy like I’ve never had. I could talk to someone and I should. I could draw or exercise or do a number of things. Prayer and meditation comes to mind and all are good and necessary in my life. Writing though, I get lost in the words and that’s a good thing. I can create a whole other life, complain, throw things, curse, become someone else, and be the hero in one or two paragraphs. So thankful for my journal and the mind to write.

It’s funny to think I was done with writing poetry. As soon as some problem comes my way, like when something resurfaces, I go to my journal, or put together a series of poems. I am so desperately trying to focus on writing fiction. Before I know it though, life will make me write another poetry book. Doesn’t matter, as long as I’m writing and have a fire brewing inside. I don’t care how the words may come, as long as I have I words. So when I'm reeling out of control, I wander to writing and life gets back to the normal abnormal.