What matters now more than it did before?

Last week’s election results were a shock to the system— but sometimes a jolt like that can create a certain clarity.

While the world is reeling, and there are all sorts of questions that can’t yet be answered, we found ourselves asking one we can:

What matters more today than it did before Nov 9th?

Our team and community have shared their personal answers to this question — inspired in part by the pledges made by people in the media to renew their commitment to what’s important.

Below is a selection from all that we’ve read and written. Turns out we humans are a spirited bunch, with no shortage of compassion and determination.

How about you? What matters most to you now, today?

“I promise to work every day of my life towards a more sustainable and just world for all beings and creatures. I am only 30 and will do this until I die. Expect the best from me.” 
Rob Greenfield, activist

“We have to find ways to prevent people being marginalised. And right now, my interest is in how people can feel more valued/empowered in the work they do. Not everyone wants to run their own business, so how do we encourage employers to change the way they do things, so that people at least feel they are not spending 8+ hours a day being ground down. I think there is massive waste in the way people work now, and I’m trying to learn everything I can about changing that. If people feel that they are really contributing in the work they do, I think they will not operate from a place of anger and resentment so much.” 
 — Suzi Butcher, Escape community member

“Spend more time taking more responsibility for the few things I can control — especially those behaviours that I know are good for me and those around me. Get braver.” 
 — Rob Symington, Escape Co-founder

“To burst my bubble. For me it’s about learning to be aware of others’ point of view. After Brexit and now this… Be more informed. Be closer to those who think differently than me.”
Escape community member

“Speak up more — even if I come off as annoying or risk losing friends. 
Stand up more — for what I believe to be right, even if it’s dangerous.
Listen more — with greater curiosity and deeper compassion.
Love more — especially those who are angry and feel unheard.
Use my privilege more — I’ve won what Warren Buffett calls the “ovarian lottery.” I’m white, male, American, middle class, intelligent and straight. I had no say in this, but the world I was born into rewards me for it. Acknowledging this is one thing. Using it for a positive force in the world is another. (I know less how to do this well, so please help me learn how I can use do this better if you have thoughts).”
 — Matthew Trinetti, Escape team member

“Holding Max, I thought about all the work ahead of us to create the world we want for our children. This work is bigger than any presidency and progress does not move in a straight line. The most important opportunities of Max’s generation — like curing all disease, improving education, connecting everyone and promoting equal opportunity — will take long term focus and finding new ways for all of us to work together, sometimes over decades. We are all blessed to have the ability to make the world better, and we have the responsibility to do it. Let’s go work even harder.” 
 — Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

“For me, this week’s events have brought into sharp focus both some of the big picture problems that we’re collectively facing, and along with that the motivation to be spending my time on something I feel has a positive impact in the world… (and also that you can’t underestimate the value of a good hug!)” 
 — Jonny Miller, Escape team member

“Whatever doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. Come what may, smile and love my way to everlasting strength.”
— Sunil Jindal, Escape community member

“1. Support the men who openly love, celebrate and support women as three-dimensional human beings.
2. Keep working hard, encourage other women to stay on track with their dreams; just because Clinton lost, that doesn’t mean we won’t see a female President in our lifetime — I have full faith that we will.
3. Focus on progress — even when things seem to be taking a step backwards, we are always moving forwards… this is very difficult to state in light of the seriously alarming climate implications of a Trump presidency, but I sincerely hope that there are smart startups positioning climate change as a business opportunity, who gain traction under Trump.”
 — Adele Barlow, Escape team member

“I’m not going to think my way out of this pit. I’m going to have to live my way out of it and love my way out of it and write my way out of it. I’m going to have to remember that one person does not make or unmake our truth. I’m going to decide not to give up. Even if it hurts.”
 — Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild

“1. To work harder than I ever have on my project to help show as many people as possible how every day they can be part of protecting and nurturing our planet.
2. To practice gratitude more regularly, and to allow this to fuel connections with more people in need of support, love and acknowledgement of their worth.
3. To welcome and foster more vulnerability between myself, loved ones and strangers. The more we hear each other’s fears and deepest concerns, the more we can find compassion and solutions together, as a connected and united force. 
4. To trust that there are millions upon millions of others also committing to the same intentions.
5. To acknowledge all the beauty in our world that already exists, but also its scars and ugly parts — using this as fuel and energy to continue to make positive change.”
Tessa Maree, Escape team member