And a boost in pay to boot! It’s only a century late.

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In 1930, economist John Maynard Keynes predicted that by this century, . In his time, the work week was about fifty hours per week.

With all of the advancements in technology, why have we only seen a in almost a century? We already know that over working has an

For most Americans, the reason is inequality.

It is in desperate need of a serious overhaul. Now seems like a good time.

I may not be considered an expert on education. The degrees I hold are not focused on education. I have, however, focused my attention on my children’s education for nineteen years and counting. I homeschooled them for eleven years, using a combination of self-directed learning and structured curriculum. When my children were five, seven and fourteen, I sent them to public schools so that I could finish a degree and find gainful employment.

The U.S. education system was terribly disheartening. I watched as the flickers…

Based on in, “How to Make Six Figures on Medium” I raced to write 100 articles. I thought I was off to a decent start. My goal was an article a day. For a few months during the COVID-19 pandemic I was not required to report to work, but I do have two boys at home for whom I serve as cook, nutrition specialist, IT support, boredom crusher and sanitary officer. I don’t have as much free time as one might think.

I found myself frustrated this morning that I wasn’t making progress on any of the…

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My eleven year old Autistic son is sensitive to textures. A healthy diet is a daily challenge. My greatest contender? Appropriate levels of fiber. While the , I’m thrilled if we achieve ten. I can’t declare absolute victory, but I can share my most effective tools. As a mother of an Autistic child, I know that I should keep this short and sweet. I only have the time to write this in the Occupational Therapist’s waiting room!


A Ninja blender has been my super stealthy go to. I can blend almost…

Report Fatigue

Another report was released. Another report was summarized. Another call to action by desperate scientists trying to warn leaders about consequences of modernity. The summary of the most recent report states that “up to 1 million plant and animal species are on the verge of extinction” (Fears, 2019). This is not a warning from political alarmists with some sort of corporate agenda or scheme to enrich themselves on some new software platform. This warning is from the United Nations Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. The language used in the press release of the report is alarming. …

Dave’s Sheep

Once upon a time, on a farm not far from my home, I met an ex-hippie, back to the land, high school biology teacher named Dave. Dave loved farming and sustainable agriculture. He tried controlling unwanted garden pests using ladybugs. The screened porch of his pre-civil war farmhouse attested to the success of his ladybug experiment; they are all well fed and thriving. Dave grows vegetables watered from the creek running through his property and fertilized with cow manure produced by his two cows. Dave planted a miniature pine forest to supply a place for local birds to nest. The…

Artists Saw Something Else; A Medium

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit Mississippi. My parents’ home was just above Interstate 10 and thankfully, did not suffer much damage. The next time I visited however, it was devastating to me to see that many of our memorable destinations were gone. The aquarium where the kids and I had played with dolphins just a month before was gone. The dolphins were out in the ocean somewhere, not capable of hunting for their own fish. Fishermen soon reported finding them out in the wild asking to be fed. They would have to be…

A Brief Bio

My mother loves to tell this story about when I was born on a U.S. Army base in Germany.

“You know when she was born,” my mother would say in her southern drawl, “we were stationed in Germany and we barely made it to the hospital room before she came. Immediately after she was born, she opened her eyes wide.” My mother will widen her eyes at this point to engage her listeners. “The orderly said, ‘she’s going to be a genius!’ and I think he was right!”

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My parents had high expectations for me. I grew…

They don’t need words to express truths.

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If you develop deep roots, you can withstand pitfalls.

I have heard the word “roots” used to describe family ties or heritage. Those ties can supply some footing, but it is important to develop deep roots on an individual level. Knowing yourself, who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, those are your personal deep roots. You don’t have to have a family or outlined heritage to have stability. Even if you do have those things, you should be able to hold your ground without them. …

It's not just you. We live in an ocean of information that humans cannot fully absorb. Five exabytes (5 x 10 pwr 18) of new data were produced in January 2012 alone and the volumes of monthly data continue to grow exponentially.

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The time afforded by the COVID lock down has allowed me to reflect on just how busy “normal” life was. I am sure many of you can relate. Here is an example of a “normal” pre-COVID day in my world:

6:30 am Wake up for work

7:30–8 am Commute to work (I am alone in my car! Maybe…

Kate Dawn Smith

Sometimes I reminisce about the past. Sometimes I focus on the present. Sometimes I press to forge a new future.

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