The girl with plaits in her hair….

I often wonder how the world sees me. The government knows I have a name, a gender, a date and place of birth along with many other facts such as where I went to school, the grades I achieved. This is all accompanied by a somewhat outdated photograph. While I am, was all of these things, I am so much more. Does the world see that? Does it know about my obsession with Highland cattle or my odd sarcastic often innuendo filled humour? Probably not.

I recently had to fill out a little description about myself on a dating site and I just sat and stared at the screen wondering what to write. Who am I? The words I wrote were: a quirky, odd, bookworm and artist. But I still don’t think that’s quite me. I’m not an artist in the standard meaning, I enjoy doing artistic things but I do not make money from it. I just do it. I read but I don’t read in the sophisticated old novels or pop culture way. While I understand the labels I have given myself, what does the world read from them? Who does the world see? Who am I to everyone else?

While this probably doesn’t matter really, I and those around me know who I am, I am curious to see what the world sees when it looks at me.

I am the girl with plaits in her hair, her heart on her sleeves and a smile on her lips.

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