Disconnected yet Connected

Chapter 8 of Stuffed and Starved by Raj Patel frames the supermarket as something that met a need in the early 20th century “a time and place with unrivaled plenty” (222). With this came the concern that demand would not keep up with supply so supermarkets had to find a way to convince people that they could afford to buy more, even if they didn’t need it. So the bigger the organization the easier it was to lower the price. What this ended up doing was separating the consumer from the producer.

The fact that we are so far removed from our food, the supply chain and the farmers who work for it has been on my mind since reading this. I no longer look at my Trader Joe’s coffee the same and I no longer want to be ignorant. The problem is I have heard some of this before and because of convenience I do not make big changes. Pg 245 talks about the cost of the convenience of the supermarket on local women in certain regions. In one way it helps them, but in another it traps them in a gross cycle.

I would love to design a product/campaign that speaks to how disconnected we may feel from the producers of our food, but how our actions have a direct affect on them. I do not just want to stop at awareness but provide some education on how we can be a producer of positive change. Even a small change.

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