Byte-Counting: Online addiction, exclamation points, cyberpunk dystopia

Erica Schlaikjer
Oct 28, 2018 · 2 min read

Keeping track of top blogs, articles, podcasts, shows, movies, music, events & other units of digital information I’m consuming this week.

I once wrote in the Huffington Post: “If we actually digested mainstream media the way we eat food, we would be over-weight and under-nourished.” Consider this weekly tally of my thoughtful media consumption as the “byte” version of calorie-counting.


Don’t get high on your own supply. That’s the golden rule of all drug dealers. It’s also the same tenet followed by Silicon Valley technologists who are responsible for feeding society’s rampant addiction of digital screens. Turns out, the very people who created our online tools are forbidding their own kids to use them. It begs the question: why the hell shouldn’t we do the same?

Women use exclamation points in their professional emails more than men. Why is that? To appear to be more friendly. But does it come across as needy or overcompensating? Some say yes. I say maybe. I’m attempting to use fewer exclamation points in my writing to test the hypothesis. The risk for women is that we come off looking like jerks. Maybe that’s ok, though. Maybe power doesn’t require likability.

Have the pessimistic predictions of the “cyberpunk” sci-fi genre finally come true in the real world? This author says yes. And it’s time for a new utopian vision to replace it.

TV shows

In an attempt to find middle ground between romantic comedy and action-adventure, my boyfriend and I landed on “Jack Ryan.” It’s about a rookie CIA agent who has high moral standards that are getting in the way of navigating the grey areas of the government’s counter-terrorism efforts. It’s cheesy and predictable but entertaining. Perfect for Amazon-Prime-and-chill nights.

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