Byte-Counting: Silicon Valley boys’ club, compassion collapse, Banksy stunt

Erica Schlaikjer
Oct 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Keeping track of top blogs, articles, podcasts, shows, movies, music, events & other units of digital information I’m consuming this week.

I once wrote in the Huffington Post: “If we actually digested mainstream media the way we eat food, we would be over-weight and under-nourished.” Consider this weekly tally of my thoughtful media consumption as the “byte” version of calorie-counting.

Arlan Hamilton via Fast Company


The “compassion collapse.” The confirmed death toll from the tsunami that rocked Palu, Indonesia has soared to more than 2,000, and an estimated 70,000+ people are displaced. Sadly, psychologists find that people tend to care more about the suffering of single individuals, and less about the pain of many people. How do we stay empathetic in the midst of overwhelming tragedy?


Cardi B and Ciara/Missy Elliott killed it at the AMAs.



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