The Power of DataOps

The digital economy has created an unquenchable thirst for data across all aspects of business.

When data friction becomes the blocker to innovation, customers leave, competitors win, and businesses spend more time reacting instead of leading.

  • Data Operators: Responsible for infrastructure, security, and maintenance. Includes DBAs, security and compliance, system administrators, and more.
  • Data Consumers: Responsible for using data to drive new projects and innovation. Includes developers, testers, data scientists, analysts, and more.
  • Governance — Security, quality, and integrity of data, including auditing and access controls.
  • Operation — Scalability, availability, monitoring, recovery, and reliability of data systems.
  • Delivery — Distribution and provisioning of data environments.
  • Transformation — Modification of data, including masking and platform migration.
  • Versioning — Capture of data as it changes over time, with ability to access, publish, and share state across users and environments.



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Eric Schrock

Eric Schrock


CTO at Jvion. Father, creator of things, and leader of teams. AI, health, and data. He/him. Former CTO at Delphix.