Excellent post.
Ky Trang Ho

You raise a few very interesting issues.

  1. Your editor’s contact info.. From my perspective, you shouldn’t give it or not give it. Reach out to your editor privately and ask him/her how it should be handled. The editor might say “I don’t want to be bothered. Your deal with it — or not.” Then you reply to this reader and tell them that.

Or the editor might say, “Yeah, I should talk with them.” Them give them the editor’s contact info. Either way, you’re off the hook. As an editor, I would be less than happy if a heard that a writer was asked by a source to be put in touch with me and declined without checking. But that “checking” is key. I would be equally unhappy with a reporter who gave out my private contact details without checking.

2. You’re right to handle your coverage as you see fit, as long as you spell out for readers what your vision is.

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