This English Tutor Transforms Learning

In today’s digital age, parents and teachers are facing some of the most challenging academic roadblocks ever seen in history. Kids are constantly blasted with images and instant communication, keeping them mentally plugged into this their online world. To compete with these forces, Thornhill English Tutor is using modern methods to inspire kids to connect with the old-school roots of grammar and responsibility.

Each private tutoring class uses the latest learning apps to engage students. The classes are also tailored to the student’s individual learning style on a highly personalized level. Whether a student needs a more conversational approach to learning or a slow, step-by-step method for ADD, every student will receive instruction differently. For others students who do not like English at all, the tutoring sessions are delivered using interactive online tools and a fun, witty attitude to help inspire learning.

Thornhill English Tutor understands that every child comes with their own learning slate. This teacher takes everything into account, even the student’s personality and culture. Over time, the lessons grow increasingly more customized as the teachers continue to tailor the activities and strategies to offer a whole new dimension of individualized learning.

To schedule a private tutoring class, visit and contact the director at




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Mara E

Mara E

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