Will Tom Brady’s New Haircut Bring Back The 90’s Curtain Hairstyle?

Plus, the Top Curtain Haircuts Of All Time

He’s a Hall of Fame quarterback with a supermodel wife, but Tom Brady’s new haircut has the potential to be the biggest achievement of his career.

IF Tom Brady is able to catapult the curtain haircut back into style, the man will go down as the greatest pioneer in football AND style.

He has already taken Uggs from a brand only bought by JAPs, to a sophisticated menswear company.

As a fan of anything 90’s, I am hoping he can pull off this feat. My only hesitance as to why he might not be able to do it is timing.

In my opinion, Brady rushed into it. This hairstyle is a postseason style, NOT something you debut for the start of the regular season. If he would have debuted the curtain cut during this season’s inevitable postseason run, every man (and a few ladies) at the local SuperCuts would be asking for the Brady cut by Spring 2017.

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