About ESCB Airdrop

Team Escrowblock
Sep 25, 2018 · 2 min read

We have decided to conduct the airdrop before our ECB exchange platform is opened for several reasons:

  • We will spread ESCB tokens via airdrop because we need to have maximum involved holders before we can launch new products based on our exchange platform.
  • As such the platform will allow being used with minimal fee only if the holder has ESCB tokens. This step lets more members of our community get involved
  • We don’t want to waste current accrued capital for advertising far and wide while we don’t have a solid core for our community.
  • Many ICO can’t involve new members in their community because many investors were disappointed after their first investment last summer. Almost all ICO didn’t make any profit after a year. Real investors avoid participating in the earlier stages. We expect to avoid such an effect by conducting airdrops to form the community core.
  • To avoid negative circumstances we will spread ESCB tokens for free to attract new influencers.
  • We will be listing ESCB tokens on external exchange platforms as soon as possible after our own exchange platform is launched. We expect that it won’t take longer than 1–3 months.

Benefits for participating in ESCB tokens Airdrop:

  • Only a few actions to get 100 ESCB tokens for free. You have to follow our channels in Twitter and Telegram, then you will be added to our list for getting free tokens in ESCB wallet. After this moment you need just click on the button “Get free tokens” in our wallet-app.
  • ESCB will distribute dividends for holders. (Check our White paper for details)
  • ESCB holders will be able to use Trust system platform.
  • ESCB holders will have the lowest fee on ESCB exchange platform.

For participating you have to do 3 steps:

  1. Follow our twitter channel by url — https://twitter.com/escrowblock
  2. Follow our telegram channel by url — https://t.me/escbnet
  3. Paste your profiles to fields in our wallet app — https://wallet.escrowblock.net

Instruction for step 3:

  1. Go to https://wallet.escrowblock.net in your browser.
  2. Sign up or sign in if you already have an account.
  3. Go to https://wallet.escrowblock.net/airdrop

4. Add own accounts, that have followed our accounts, click “Submit for validation”

5. After checking our bot will add your address for getting free tokens. You will receive notification about this event and status will be changed to “validated”.

6. Click on “Get free tokens” and confirm the transaction. Don’t send any amount ETH during this step.

Team Escrowblock

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The aim of the project is to create an EscrowBlock escrow platform for the Ethereum network blockchain.