ESCB exchange platform release roadmap

Our developer team has reported that almost everything is ready for launching our test environment for the ESCB exchange platform.

Photo by Niko Lienata on Unsplash

What will be included for this test-env release:

  1. Trade UI.
  2. The order placement/cancelation.
  3. The matching engine based on MongoDB. The matching engine for the production version will work on Redis in-memory database.
  4. The depositing system.
  5. The deferred transactions.
  6. The “Talk system” based on private channels identity.
  7. The secured profile with OTP and white list IP features.
  8. RESTful API for public and private operations.

Our test environment for ESCB exchange platform follows the next aims:

  1. Testing with the community our solutions before the production version is launched.
  2. The correction if any bugs found.
  3. Taking feedback for any improvements to the test environment and updates before the production version will be deployed.
  4. Providing an environment for testing strategies and bots.
  5. The forming of a developer community for joining our core team.

We expect to launch the test environment for ESCB exchange platform during May 2019. Our production version launching is scheduled for the beginning of Summer 2019, but we will gather community opinions and this all depends on this feedback, only then we can make a decision about moving the production version launch to a later date if necessary.

After this time we will be able to publish our code by open source for new opportunities. We expect that many entrepreneurs will want to launch their own exchanges based on our ESCB9 protocol.