Some explanations for airdrop participants

In view of the fact that some Airdrop participants who use the application have expressed concern, we post these clarifications.

  1. If you use Metamask, then you use your primary address.
  2. If you participate in our Airdrop using third-party platforms, such as, then you use your primary address.
  3. If you generate a new personal wallet in the application, you MUST READ the nuances outlined below.

Our Airdrop uses the faucet mechanism. This Smart Contract can be found at

The mechanism of the faucet is that the Airdrop agent only adds verified addresses that have completed tasks to the list to receive tokens.

If you received an email with the title “Escrowblock notification: Airdrop validated”, then your address has been added to this list and you can be guaranteed to pick up tokens ANYTIME. They are highlighted to you and the point.

Why we use the mechanism of the faucet and not a simple distribution by transfer to your address.

  1. It is cheaper. We will be able to distribute more tokens among more participants.
  2. You can use your tokens only when it is profitable for you.
  3. Re-issuance to one address is excluded. This is honest.
  4. Rapid distribution, since you do not need to wait for the robot’s turn to send a token.
  5. We will be able to forcibly send to your address already allocated tokens, if necessary.
  6. Additional rewards are possible by transferring tokens to your address.

Due to the fact that the application can work with a newly generated wallet, this address has a zero balance.

To perform the “Get free tokens” function, you must have at least 0.002 ETH on your balance. To transfer from such a wallet address to another wallet will cost another 0.002 ETH. Generating a new wallet works only if you are not using the Metamask web3 extension which is necessary for the security of your main wallet.

Thus, wallet address in the application assumes work only with ESCB tokens, but can be used for any other task within Ethereum blockchain, because you are given UTC / ​​JSON, and you remember the password yourself (we do not store it).

If you do not want to use the generated wallet to receive Airdrop, then you can specify for Airdrop in the address field the address of your primary wallet.

IMPORTANT: the address of the wallet in this field will be added to the list of the faucet and ESCB tokens will be allocated only for this address.

If you mistakenly added an address, please contact support.

If for some reason you cannot get tokens through the application, please contact support.